Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is there any technical or realistic explanation for the existence of "ghosts"?

Question by Mercury: Is there any technical or realistic explanation for the existence of "ghosts"?
Before you say "ghosts aren't real" let me just say "Duh!" Lol :) But, to be honest, the fact that people see the images of people ("ghosts") or experience unexplained phenomena is not up for discussion. That's just a fact, of course. But I'm curious if there is any explanation for these phenomena that creates the image of a person or their voice or "house hauntings" and such.
@Carolyn: I never said I didn't believe in spirits. Please do not assume where you have no grounds to.

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  1. Sure there is. But it's going to depend on the situation, since people call just about everything the can't explain a ghost, and there are a very large number of things the average person can't explain. So while it's obvious people see things they can't explain, there's nothing people are seeing on a daily basis that science can't explain. Those people just don't know that. Most ghosts are caused by people making things up (lying about seeing a ghost), seeing something out the corner of their eye, hallucinating, or getting scared of something and assuming it's a ghost instead of getting up to find out what it actually was.

  2. No, there is not technical or realistic explanation. The fact that there is no explanation is why there are so many non-believers and believers. In my opinion, it has to do with the human soul. Souls are to some people imaginary. Some can't even explain it. But souls have to be the reason behind ghosts. A Conundrum within another. Ghost = Souls

  3. The Phantom SchtickyJuly 8, 2012 at 1:16 PM

    No, there's no technical explanation at all.

    That said, there is very little that 'modern' science CAN explain with any authority. Sure we now know that our planet isn't flat and that the sun doesn't revolve around us (both were once scientific facts, supported by volumes of peer-reviewed research), but that really ain't much. We still don't know most of what goes on in the human brain. That whole stem-cell thing is a very recent discovery, and most leading scientists are still guessing what can be done with it.

    A lot of people put all their faith in science, but that's pretty stupid when you think about it. Scientific facts have been busted as often as myths and superstitions. Besides... if mankind already knew everything there is to know, why would research scientists still have jobs?

    The smartest scientist in the world is the one who admits he doesn't know, and looks for possible answers.

  4. Since you don't believe the spirits are real it would be a waste of time for anyone to answer
    your question. You would not accept " proof" if someone gave it to you. Explanations are every-
    where but you would first have to open your mind. The existence of spirits challenges the rational
    mind and that is the first hurdle. If you challenge an accepted belief, the burden of proof
    falls on you.

  5. the people who never believe they are real is the people who have never really experienced that kind of phenomenon. But once you have its like another door opens for you that is filled with different ideas.

  6. A "dust devil" spirals up some dust in the driveway of the mansion... the human eye sees a transparent person walking across the street.

    Because the eye is good at filling in the blanks to figure out what its looking at. Like how you can drive past a wooden plank fence/wall, and can still make out whats visible beyond by seeing through the cracks as they go by.

    That is a rather amazing bit of visual processing to see the kid on the swing over there, and further: see the kid swinging!

    SO, if your eyes and brain can process THAT.. imagine what they can process that simply wasn't there, but was more of what they think they were seeing! That is what a lot of ghost sightings are.

    Had they been on the specific hunt for leprechauns, rest assured the eye/brain machine makes little green clothed men out of every vague bush and tree root visible in the shadowy forest!

    So a lot of them/us "see what we wanna see". That's not just a saying, that's what we actually SEE.

    But that's just for the stuff we see.. the stuff we cant see that still happens, that needs a whole other genre of debunking.