Thursday, July 12, 2012

What are some scientific explanations as to what "ghosts" actually are or could be?

Question by : What are some scientific explanations as to what "ghosts" actually are or could be?
I'm not looking for proof or evidence. I'm looking for theories. Also if the theory isn't your own, please site where the theory originated from. I tend to be skeptical on this subject but I'm not completely opposed to reasonable explanations as to what these supposed forces may be.

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  1. Dreams, imagination, illusions, delusions and lies.

  2. People have been making stuff up since they learned how to talk. It's not like it's new. There's no evidence that ghosts actually exist. So what are people calling ghosts? Mostly it's just their own fears. Most claims about ghosts are people too afraid or lazy to get up and find out what's actually causing the noise they're hearing or shadow they're seeing. The rest are people outright lying, suffering from hallucinations, delusions, drugs, alcohol, medications, infrasound sources, mistaking something normal for something paranormal, wishing they saw ghosts, imagining they see ghosts, trying to impress someone with their ghost stories, and dust in the air.

  3. Christian MinisterJuly 12, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    Youre looking for theories and self righteous lies...

  4. In many cases they are people's imaginations getting carried away. However, there are also a good number of cases where no LOGICAL scientific answer has been found. Rather it is assumed that the reported phenomena has either been faked or the people who have reported it have not conducted proper studies to know what occurred.

    However, in light of the numerous studies that consistently come back with suggestions that consciousness is somehow effecting matter/energy, and in light of Near Death Experiences which have yet to be adequately explained, in spite of what many skeptics claim, it seems plausible that there is a non-physical consciousness associated with humans, possibly other species as well, that is capable of continued existence following physical death. If this is correct, than interactions between this non-physical consciousness and physical people might well be reported as ghostly encounters.