Sunday, July 29, 2012

what do u think about the loch ness monster and bug foot theories?

Question by yeah its mee: what do u think about the loch ness monster and bug foot theories?
For exapmle like I have stated before. They put TV shows on abiout certain creatures that are unexplained . Like the loch ness monster and bigfoot. Ok...well they show stupid shows on tv that people actually watch like me...thinking that the might have actually caught something. Well my point is THEY NEVER FIND ANYTHING NOT EVEN SOMETHING CLOSE TO EDVIDENCE!!! OOOOHHH wow a fucking footprint it coudl be any animal not just a dumb big foot....And you wanna know what a theory on the loch ness monster. In the middle of the lake there is this island supposivly there was a mad scientist back in the day always dumping his chemical waste. And their theory is that this "loch ness monster" is gentically mutated or something...OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH SCIENCE ACTUALLY GIVE US GOOD EVIDENCE =D. grrr... sorry i mean i have my opinions and this is one.
I MEANT BIG FOOT...but i was typing too fast sorry

What do you think? Answer below!


  1. I don't think Bigfoot is real. Nessie might be though. There could be underwater caves that scientists haven't searched yet. I mean Loch Ness is huge. Also people thought that the platypus was a bunch of parts of dead animals sewn together. Same with the okapi. the okapi looks loke a zebra giraffe. I SAW IT IN A ZOO ONCE OR TWICE!

  2. to me loch ness monster is fake big time and a big foot is somewhat real because their is some new species and popping up out of no where it just a rare occurance to see these new species