Friday, August 31, 2012

Beyond - Hauntings

An examination of the huge diversity of hauntings that are most often reported around the world. The findings are sometimes exciting.

My experiences at a former friend's creepy ass house. Everyone that has been to her house has had some kind of experience except her dad... Which is a major skeptic and even if he had an experience, he would have written it off anyway. I experienced a full body apparition, footsteps/running, poltergeist activity, and random strange things here. My friend experience all of the prior and also strange electronic malfunctions, voices and cought a figure/shadow person on her camera phone.
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  1. Not necessarily. As I said before, spirits can't be seen by everyone so they may just be excited someone notices them and are making their presense known. No one quite knows how/why these things are here and what they're limitations are. Some spirits have difficulties doing? the smallest things (moving things, EVPS) etc. I wouldn't worry unless they turn violent and even then just know you are in control.

  2. Thanks for replying!!!! I`m a little less scared now knowing they don't want to harm me!! :D
    But at my vacation house me and my friend her house is very close to mine ( she has also had similar experances) We wanted to ask the ghosty people when they were born and they say never very lightly. Also i have a very large stuffed animal fish which we asked it to move we came back and it moved a little then we left and came back again and it ended up in? the shower. Is it something bad???

  3. And keep in mind that? sometimes spirits are drawn to people. So the entities themselves may not be related to each other (if you're seeing them at separate places) but the common factor is you. Most people are just not capable of seeing spirits the way sensitives do. Some not at all.

  4. they become violent. Out of all the many many experiences I've had, none of them? have been threatening or violent. They may be terrifying but I don't believe it's their nature. In the haunted places I've lived in/stayed? at, I experienced several different entities in each one. Shadow figures (which I believe to be different than regular spirits) are common. Some more prominant than others. Children also seem to be around the shadow man. Maybe the shadow man is their guardian?? I dont know

  5. Is your story related to mine, or is the shadowy man related to the children? If it's the latter, it's entirely possible.? I believe that certain areas/place are highly active in paranormal activity in particular, either due to what's happened in that location or because of the land itself. For example, areas high in certain minerals such as quartz have been known to be very active. I'm guessing that the minerals harness energy which is what spririts thrive on. I wouldn't be too worried unles