Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BIGFOOT is REAL evidence Cryptozoology Sasquatch Yeti PROOF

In this clip we take a look at the legend of Bigfoot, or the Sasquatch. This magnificent cryptid is found in the forests of North America and has been terrorizing popular culture for many years. Enjoy some of the excellent photos and news reports on the beast!
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This video shows many of the creatures studied by the field of Cryptozoology. Cryptozoologists are interested in the study of animals whis exisence has yet to be proved, creatures like big foot, moth man or the loch ness monster. Remember there was a time when nobody believed that mountain gorillas existed, so please, leave your skepticism hats at the door :)


  1. what song is this???? ;)

  2. These are either animals? that are known, fake or just myths.

  3. Thats called the chinese yeti... its? hardly? yeti-esque is it?