Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Christians, What is a spirit? and why can't you see spirits?

Question by SoundOFThoughts: Christians, What is a spirit? and why can't you see spirits?
In reference to "God" and reference to "demons" "ghosts" all have been called spirits.

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  1. Demons impersonate spirits to take advantage of the human belief that people turn into spirits when they die.

  2. I can. Thank God he has opened my Spiritual Senses. I can hear from God and see Demons and Angle and much more !!

  3. No offence buddy but again, I think you're asking the wrong people. Maybe some Catholics could answer this but an orthodox Christian fundamentalist will only give you what they've heard from their Bible and commentaries on it.

  4. We have good and evil spirits all around us all the time. If you could see the evil ones, you most likely would take your own life out of being frightened to death. You don't want to see evil spirits. The good ones are God's angels given to us to help and protect us. You don't need to see them, you just know they are with you always.

  5. You can see them in the mind of the imagination, because that is where they exist.

  6. I'm not religious, but here's an answer:

    A spirit is everything about a person that doesn't physically exist. All the things he thinks exist/cares about that are intangible. Love, justice, family, honor, hope, etc.

  7. A Spirit is made of of "finer matter" and can only be seen by spiritual eyes. Every individual has a spirit, and while in the flesh a body. Body and spirit are inseparable and upon death separate only to be joined again upon resurrection, a free gift given to all.

    Un embodied spirits can be righteous or evil. All of Satan's minions are miserable and are trying to stop the work of God. They are miserable, knowing that their transgression has stopped and they can never have a body like you. You are superior to Satan and his devils because of this. This is one reason why they concentrate on trying to temp you with sins that involve the body; sex, pornography, an insidious disease, drugs. This is a weak point.

    Righteous spirit are sent from God to deliver a message for the intent of the person involved. They will not move but deliver that message. you will feel the peace and joy in your bosom during this visit. Angels are not spirits but have a body and spirit. If they appear ask them to shake hands, they will and you will feel it. it is the order of heaven and must obey. Satan and his minions will offer you an hand but you will feel nothing. You can detect them in this manner.

  8. “Spiritual” is used to describe things which exist but are not material, while the term “spirit” is used to refer to a person who is not material, that is who does not have a body. A human being who has died is sometimes referred to as a “spirit”, although this is not really exactly the same thing, because a complete human being has a spiritual and material part, a “ghost” is in some sense incomplete. A true spirit (or “pure spirit”) is entirely non-material, always was, and has no need of a body. Since a spirit is a person, they can choose to do good things, or evil.

    In previous times the term ghost and spirit were often used interchangeably, but in modern English the term ghost is used for human beings who have died, while the term spirit is used for beings which never have a physical body.

    Since the eyes are designed to measure and interpret light, which is generated or reflected by physical objects, it naturally does not perceive spirits, any more than the eye can see “equality”, “justice”, or even numbers. (You can of course see printed symbols that represent numbers, but you don’t see the number itself, because it is not a material object).

    In the metaphorical sense, you might be able to “see” (that is, perceive) a spirit, but not ordinarily with the eyes.