Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Could someone explain "chemtrails" for me?

Question by Wendell S: Could someone explain "chemtrails" for me?
Today, dozens of airplanes left the military base near here and they were spraying a white fog in the sky all day and throughout the afternoon. I have never seen an armada of planes constantly criss-crossing the sky like they did today. It was really scary to watch. What is this chemical and why were they spraying it so heavy today?

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  1. check this out....

  2. This is called geo engineering. It is done in hopes of reducing the temperature of the earth by creating a cloud cover and also shiny particles that are supposed to make the sun reflect upward. The substance is believed to contain silver iodide, barium, and aluminum, and possibly dry ice which is pure C02.

    This has been done worldwide for at least 10 to 15 years. The UN issued a moratorium on it in 2010 because the effects of spraying these chemicals on such a broad basis is unknown. Since the US never signed the Kyoto Treaty, they did not honor the moratorium and continue this spraying without knowing the consequences that could result. In fact it is feared that the effects of this could be irreversible and become a necessity to life. For all they know, they could be doing more damage to the environment and our health with no good result. It could feasibly even be the reason for our weird weather patterns. Nobody knows. I really had to dig to find this out when I saw it here on a daily basis for months.

    This was brought up in Congress by Kucinich but he was told in hearings that these trails are just normal contrails from airplanes but I'm absolutely certain you could tell there was nothing normal about it. It was likely in a grid pattern with an X somewhere so it could be viewed by satellite. You can find sites that show these images on the internet.

    Geo engineering also consists of dumping tons of iron into the ocean which causes algae to bloom on the surface which is supposed to help keep the ocean temp down and collect C02. Germany was doing this for a while but supposedly have stopped.

  3. Chemtrails have 4 major purposes.
    1. Geo-engineering as stated above.
    2. Wireless communications, those white plumes are electrical conducting aluminum, the redder plumes are barium. These conduct tropospheric signals.
    3. With the aluminum to direct energy waves such as HAARP, HIPAS , PLUTO or any other EMF device Can also be used to lens the atmosphere or create an area to be heated. HAARP as defined by it's patent is an atmospheric heater.
    4. Population reduction, aluminum and barium are both toxic, aluminum mixed with fluorine in you're drinking water creates a breakdown of the blood brain barrier depositing aluminum particles into you're brain. Modulated by cellphone microwaves slowly cooks you're brain into a zombified state of attention defecit disorder. Now you need drugs only pharmaceuticlas can legaly supply, and that is where all you're political representatives have placed their money. Gambling on you're ignorance.