Thursday, August 2, 2012

did you know that "alien abductions" are just waking dreams?

Question by cat: did you know that "alien abductions" are just waking dreams?
isn't this interesting? multiple studies on "alien abductees" have finally proven what is going on with them, and why they report alien abductions. a link to the studies is below

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  1. Actually, the most famous "abduction" was a scam on the federal government. The "fire in the sky" incident was actually a logger who had contracted to cut some forest, hadn't, and was looking at having to give the money back. Suddenly, he's kidnapped! By aliens! Unfortunately, it worked. But that's the factual background to his "abduction." When told her son had gone missing, his mom showed no emotional reaction. That is, he told her what he was up to.

  2. no one, not even the smartest researchers (in some peoples minds) can "prove" without a doubt, that everything is as it one knows that everyone is having the same experience....concerning the same issue....some may be "waking dreams" as you put it, some may be astral travel, and some may guess it, physical one knows for sure...........only the ignorance claim to "know for certain" concerning these types of occurrences.

  3. Amber is right. Righter than anyone else on here I've seen so far! I don't believe danielpauldavis' "theory" on the Travis Walton incident. That was a classic of UFOlogy. The "logging scam" was an early police theory that had to be discarded. My understanding is that Walton & crew took several lie detector tests: either they passed or the conclusions were inconclusive: nobody ever proved anything against them.

    My gut feeling is that those 3 guys who said they were abducted in 1970s France (2 French, 1 Algerian} were much more likely to be making it up - but I'm not so sure about that, either. Walton never changed his story; unlike other lot.

    Anyway: I don't know how seriously I should take this site: I've only skimmed a couple of articles, none informative as yet. Just read one called How to prevent alien abductions: it told people to swear on Jesus' name and blood - which I don't believe - &then it ended up by saying no: it didn't work on aliens or "muscular 8-foot-tall Bigfoots/Mothmen." MAKE UP UR MINDS!