Thursday, August 30, 2012

Do you think UFO's have ever been to Earth?

Question by : Do you think UFO's have ever been to Earth?
Do you think any of the "UFO sightings" in the past have been real?

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  1. UFO doesn't mean alien ship.. means unidentified flying object. And no, i don't.

  2. If you mean spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrials, no.

  3. All UFO sightings that occurred before the invention of photography were most certainly real without a doubt. WHY?

    #1: they were objects or appeared to be objects
    #2: they were flying or appeared to be flying
    #3: the observer didn't know what they were.

    Ever since the invention of is completely possible to fake any image you want to fake. Same is true with video footage. EVEN in the film and vinyl days, it was completely possible to fake images of UFOs....just as possible as it is to actually capture an image of a real UFO.

    Still...people consistently see real sightings in the sky which lack familiarity...and hence by definition of UFOs...still see real UFOs.