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El Chupacabra Caught on Tape

El Chupacabra Caught on Tape

In the last few years we have seen increasing video tapes that caught the el chupacabra monster. While most of the video tapes can easily spotted as amateur faking job, few of them remains a real mystery waiting to be revealed.

The reason why we know how the el chupacabra looks is because a lot of people have reported the same weird figure over and over again. Although some of the video tapes are really obscure and blurry we can easily spot the overall look. It is the same process when we are going to analyze ghosts caught on tape. The first step is to see if there is anything familiar to us in the pictures, this is the anchor of the scene. From there we are moving to the other objects in the frames while we investigate the relative positions of the other objects. If it looks a logical than it must be a fake and there is no need to keep looking at those tapes because they are fake and a waste of time.

However, if the objects on the films are looking real then and only then we can approach to the main figure of the monster. This is to prevent the illusion created by the picture and effecting about brain. The thing is that if we look at the el chupacabra monster first than we are distract, we are so overwhelmed with the picture that we forget to examine the rest of the photos which is very important for search for the truth.

The truth is in the little details, this is why there are lots of computer gadgets and softwares that can verify if a video tape of ghosts or the el chupacabra monster is real. They check things that we can not see in our eyes and they are more objective than our subjective mind.

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