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Electronic Voice Phenomena - What Is It And How To Capture Them

Electronic Voice Phenomena - What Is It And How To Capture Them

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), is a paranormal event that is not really understood by anybody. Many scientists are even baffled by it, however, it is the most common type of evidence that ghost hunters and paranormal investigators capture and bring foreword as proof of life after death.

An EVP is simply an audio recording of a ghost or spirit that is caught on tape or digital recording devices, even though the voice was NOT heard by the human ear at the time the voice has spoken. As a paranormal investigator myself, I can honestly say that you are more likely to capture EVPs that you would and actual photograph of an entity.

It doesn't take a whole lot of money for equipment to be successful in this type of activity. Even the cheapest and simplest recording devices will suffice. I prefer to use digital recorders because they can be edited very easily, however, I know many people that use the older cassette units. EVPs are also caught on the audio portion of video cameras.

Performing EVP work during paranormal investigations takes a little bit of skill for the novice ghost hunter. The first thing that needs to be realized is that the area must be as quiet as possible, since the vast majority of recorded spirit voices are whispers. Indoors is optimal because there is usually way too much background noise outside coming from passing cars. I have discovered that Doing EVP work outdoors during the warmer months is almost futile, as the chirping bugs and other insects can be loud enough to drown out any voices you may have captured.

If you use a hand-held digital recorder, you will want to make sure that the device is held firmly in your hand. Shifting it around in your hands during recording sessions will create thunderous noise during playpack. Make every attempt to place the device down somewhere while you are in recording mode.

During an EVP session, you are trying to establish actual communication with with the entity that may be present. As stated above, you cannot hear the spirit voices with your own ears until after you play back your recorders. Ask simple questions, such as "What's your name", "How old are you," etc.. ALWAYS give at least 8 to 10 seconds in between questions or statements in order to give plenty of time for an answer.

After you have completed your ghost hunting activity, go home and play back your sessions. You must be in a quiet room with absolutely no TV or stereo blasting. It's usually better to use headphones.

Have fun and good luck!

Greg W Pett is the Owner of Pett's Wood Signs and has been a paranormal investigator for more than 5 years.

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