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Experiences of the Paranormal

Experiences of the Paranormal

Whenever I bring up the topic of the paranormal in a small group I invariably find someone who's had some kind of strange experience. Taken together, these accounts provide overwhelming evidence for the existence of a reality beyond that perceived by our senses. I've had a few such incidents myself, some of which I recount here.


The day my grandmother passed away I felt particularly lonely, isolated and depressed. We had been particularly close and she had been like a second mother to me. That evening, around 10pm, I was staring aimlessly out of the window, wondering where life would take me next. I saw a red circle of light, as might come from a laser-pointer, flitting around on the house opposite. It lasted only a few seconds. A minute or so later I saw the same thing again.

I have no idea where the light came from. It was raining outside and I couldn't see or hear anyone in the street. I know it didn't come from my house. And there was nothing tall behind my house from which it could have come. If it came from any of the neighboring houses why did the person responsible angle the light at the house directly opposite mine and at no other?

Even if there were a "natural" explanation for the light it would still feel like a sign from my grandmother that I should have seen it at just that moment as I have never seen such a light before or since.


I often find my dreams resonate with trivial events that happen shortly after, here's just a few examples of many:

a) One Wednesday I had a dream I was in the lottery store, deciding how many lines to play. The same day I had a minor win on the lottery (odds about 25 to 1).

b) I take a regular medication, but don't give it much thought. I dreamed I was taking the medication but it looked or tasted different. Next day I picked up a repeat prescription, the medication came in different packaging than usual.

c) I dreamed about the birth of a baby (something I've never dreamed before or since!), next day I heard of a pregnancy.

d) I dreamed of some toddlers playing, one runs towards the stairs. The following day I learned my daughter had been playing on the beach and saw a small child run away from family and was about to jump onto the beach from a height.

The same phenomena was described by J.W. Dunne in his 1927 classic "An Experiment with Time".

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