Monday, August 20, 2012

How Can I Properly Rebuke Demons and/or "Ghosts"?

Question by : How Can I Properly Rebuke Demons and/or "Ghosts"?
Okay, so JUST last night I was laying in bed, and my elbow was resting on the bed, and my fore arm was laying on my stomach. I was dosing off, so close to falling asleep, I swear I was so still the only movement was me breathing. It felt like how a cat jumps up and trys to play with your arm (when your sleeping) and I'm at my dad's so that means THERE ARE NO ANIMALS HERE!!! (Just at my mom's house), When I woke up I realized that. My mom told me that once I rebuke something, and if I don't have peace.. it must be present. THEN, I swear may God strike me down if I'm lieing, that once I was awake, on the arm that was pulled down, in one spot there was cold like breathing. Im NOT scared, I'm annoyed that Satan thinks he can scare me. And I'm on a mission that I gotta accomplish. I believe and know that Jesus is on my side and isen't ganna let anything bad happen to me. And I'm being messed with, and I'm not ganna allow this! This started when I was watching Ghost Adventures... and I said OUT LOUD (here at my dad's) THAT I AM SCEPTICAL about ghosts and they aren't real!! Then this and other "hauntings" started. I am not crazy, and I am not joking. I gotta kick satan in the face, and being scared will just give him strength. I've been hearing noises also, but I just turn the t.v up and to something comferting ( Big Time Rush hehe) <-- jk :D and I ignore it. Please help me, once 15 years old and I'm NOT scared, I just wanna send whatever is messing with me back to Hell, where they belong.

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  1. yikes scoob

    you got sleep paralysis

  2. You were dreaming, there are no demons or ghosts.

  3. a profesional??? or if you want to do this yourself you have to throw it at em just ead the bible say he doesnt belong and that stuff i admire youre bravery im scared an i have the same problem and i learnd they can only come because of some sort of invatation and you will not be possesed if you are a beleiver because the demon posses the soul for a short period of time with the lord in there well you do the math. which will win jesus or satan? that battle has been won by jesus so you have no reason to worry about possesion if you were wondering about it hope this helps

  4. By the law of the Universe, if you tell a spirit to leave you alone, it must obey those laws. This is the same concept as extending an 'invitation' to spirits and demons.

    It helps to speak to the entity in the house, just to ask it to leave you alone etc. Please make sure that you show them respect, but speak with authority. For example, with the spirits that reside in my house, I said to them that they are no longer in the physical realm and that my family and I were living in the house now. I told them that we would look after the house and treat it with care, and that we would respect their boundaries if they would respect ours. If they bothered us, we would banish them from the house.

    Reading that you're a Christian, if you have faith in Jesus/God/the Holy Spirit surrounding you in love, light and protection, and that you project those same emotions to others in you life, you should not be bothered by spirits. Entities with lower vibrations cannot stand light and all of those positive emotions that are associated with it. Also, don't be afraid to call upon Archangel Michael, the protector, to come to your aid.

    A burning sage ritual may also help. You can Google that if you're interested.

    If you use Ouija boards, you will have a much more difficult time in vanquishing demons that you may have unknowingly allowed in to this realm that WILL attach themselves to you. This is when you would need a professional (Priest, Shaman healer, psychic etc.) to cleanse/exorcise you. However, hopefully it will not come to that.

    I have experienced this issue/fear all of my life, and suffered immensely from foolishly dabbling with Ouija boards. My answers come from years of learning from teachers and my own personal experiences. I hope that they help you.

  5. Sounds like you may be under some kind of attack or your faith is being tested. You seem to have faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.. You can rebuke evil by believing and saying "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ" Read your Bible out loud when you are hearing the noises and pray out loud. Try not to dwell or think about these things that are happening,O.K. God will bless and keep You in His safe arms!!