Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is there anything in the bible that mentions the apperence of the "CHUPACABRA"?

Question by F.M.: Is there anything in the bible that mentions the apperence of the "CHUPACABRA"?

"The Goat-sucker"?

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  1. No, not specfically, however the chupacabra could well be manifestations of demons.

  2. 1O???? [God help the Giants]August 22, 2012 at 7:50 PM

    ¡AllĂ­ viene!

    Oddly I had a priest when I was a boy who told us in our CCD class that the Cupacabra goes to peoples' homes when Mass is occurring to eat the little children who didn't wake up early enough to attend.

    Really killed priestly credibility with me for a while.

  3. Yes! If you sit at the fifty yard line of a football stadium and yell CHUPCABRA! three times and count the number of echoes multiplied by the number of letters in CHUPACABRA! (don't forget to include the exclamation point) it will add up to 666.

    The mark of the beast is CHUPACABRA! Or maybe it's your FICO score. I forget which.

  4. The book of Job explains every anomalous creature that there is any question about:
    Big Foot
    Loch Ness Monster
    ALL dinosaurs known and undiscovered
    Sea monsters including Cthulhu

    Job specifically describes all these creatures in perfect detail. Nothing vague about it.

  5. Arthur Again, I'm going to just assume that your trying to be funny by saying that the book of Job explains all the bizzare mystical creatures in the Bible. I mean, really? If your right, what chapter of Job does it describe in such vivid detail? I love reading the Bible but sadly I must have missed out on what you picked up! Please, do tell... :)