Monday, August 6, 2012

Is there suck thing as a "chupacabra"?

Question by Danny N: Is there suck thing as a "chupacabra"?
I herd that a chupacabra eats animals I herd of this creature in Mexico and mt friends told me that their uncle saw 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I thought that was just part of Mexican folklore?

  2. Years back there used to be a migrant camp near the Whittier Narrows area of the San Gabriel River.

    The residents of this place were illegal aliens from Mexico and Guatemala, in fact it was called "Little Guatemala".

    For a time a ferocious beast terrorized the area. This fearless creature always struck at night, it had huge fangs and tremendous power. It tore apart tents and makeshift shelters alike. The beast even mauled a couple migrants. There was no denying it the critter was real.

    Finally the sheriffs got involved, it took some doing and several rounds of buckshot but the Beast of Whittier Narrows was finally killed...Guess what turned out the beast that caused some much concern was a large feral pig.

    The chupacabra is said to be a griffin like animal that's part and goat part vampire. It's also said to be a product of American genetic engeneering. I think it's a mixture of tequila, cannabis, Silvia D, superstition and propaganda.

  3. It is very likely that mange infested dogs, pigs, coyotes or other such animals are the actual cause of at least the vast majority of sitings. I remember listening to the accounts of natives in India that had a wolf invade their home and steal one of their children. They described it as some sort of demon. The human mind interprets what it thinks it sees and actually fills in the gaps so the person can see something that is not even there. The fact that its description varies so much make me think it is not a real animal.

  4. It is folklore, just like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. I won't say that these things don't exist because there is no proof saying they don't; however, I wouldn't believe someone saying that their relative actually saw one. People who live in areas where this type of lore is common often like to continue the lore, as it makes for great stories!

  5. This beast is a relatively new creation. It does not exist and sightings are most likely due to misidentification and mass hysteria. Supposed skeletal remains have been sent to scientists to identify only to have the remains turn out to be feral dogs. Facts, however, fail to deter "true believers". Everybody wants a monster or alien in their back yard and tend to get really testy when you turn on the lights and reveal its only "old clothes".

  6. Also known as the "Goat-Sucker" in Puerto Rico, not proved but the animals have had their blood sucked out thru 2 surgical like holes with no other reasonable explanation or spilled blood.(Local Myth)?!