Sunday, August 26, 2012

know Haunted Places around San Jose?

Question by : know Haunted Places around San Jose?
It October and i feel like i needed one of these post, I am a normal paranormal enthusiast and i love visiting "haunted places" I've been to places like Marsh Road and San Felipe, which i still don't know the whole story of. Please name some places i plan on going to Hicks Road this week so yeah any places? Please share and tell me your story and experience(: thanks
I forgot before anyone trolls me, when i mean haunted i mean like scary creepy places with a story behind it, if you include the story it'll help alot(: thanks

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  1. I've heard about the haunted schoolhouse down San Felipe, and further down is a guy in a white truck that chases you, is it really true.On the East-side rode you take up the mountain... On this rode on the right side you will see a bridge and a barn house under that bridge where guy killed his girlfriend. I went down that rode w. an ex. we saw some satanic worshipers there doing something EXTREMELY CREEPY!!!!!!

  2. Winchester Mystery House.

  3. Haunted Places San Jose

    - Mary’s House
    San Jose, California

    - Winchester Mystery House
    San Jose, California