Thursday, August 30, 2012

loch ness monster?

imagesQuestion by demomboy13: loch ness monster?
k well do you belive in it? also I have seen videos of interview that were on water. and all of a sudden things happend.. I also saw pictures and stuff.. also. it IS a dino... the "loch ness monster" is accually a dinosaur. that people belive did NOT die. as you know dinosaurs live EXTREMLY long time. correct? and it is said that it is one of the last remaining dinosaurs. do you belive this? do you have proof? =]

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  1. The Loch Ness Monster=$ 200million a year in revenue for the very clever Scottish...

  2. Look, old Lochie is just a story mae up by people hundreds and thousands of years ago to scare off invaders..
    The scottish were in war, and they thought.. "If the english think there is a monster lurking in the Loch, they won't come to kill us!"
    Because, you see, scottland didn't have weapons and things- all they had to fight with were their bare hands! So, they made up the story of a Monster to ward off the English!
    So, to this day, they still tell the story, it is now just an Urban Myth.

  3. Bumble Bee--> I totally love that answer, I have never heard that! That would be an awesome justification for the story.

    My question is, why is there so much witness and photographic evidence if it is just a myth? I think it is impossible for society to know and have seen every creature in the world. I think it's totally possible that Loch Ness exists!

  4. I heard that there is nowhere near enough food in the loch to keep an animal that size alive. Some people believe there are underground caverns and passageways that lead to the ocean. Who knows?

  5. I have never seen any actual proof of the loch ness monsters existence. Could you tell me where I can see these videos with stuff happening that proves he exists?

    Otherwise, no, it is not a single dinosaur that has survived. That is actually impossible. It would have to be a family, with many generations since then and now. Dinosaurs dont live for 64 million years (thats when they died out). If one did live, it could not solely survive. Think of it like this, every hundred years humanity has dealt with a virulent disease that has plagued many communities. Only in later generations can immunities evolve (an immunity can not just appear in an animal it would need the right genes). That means over the last million years the animal would have dealt with thousands of killer diseases.

    There have also been studies of the marine life in the waters of loch ness. Scientists have concluded that the lake does not have enough life to support a large animal (something the size the loch ness monster is supposed to be). I am sorry, but however much you may want it to exist, it is just not possible for their to be a group of animals that size in the loch ness without anyone actually getting a hold of one, or a noticeable drop in the marine life that would be associated with the animals arrival into the loch (if it is able to traverse in and out of the loch)

  6. drink a lot of scotch and you'll see nessie too