Monday, August 20, 2012

Q&A: How is "astrology" and "horoscopes" different?

Question by ????? ????? ?@???: How is "astrology" and "horoscopes" different?

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  1. Horoscopes often refer to the signs, or readings. for example, when you read your horoscope, read about your sign's future..etc (I don't believe in this type of astrology).. See where I used the word "astrology"? The word refers to the whole field of science, astrology.. It's similar in pronunciation to astronomy, which is the science that deals with space and cosmic bodies. Astrology is less physical, it's more psychological and energy related. In astrology it is believed that cosmic bodies are responsible for energies that effect newborns' nervous system altering their personalities depending on lattitude and time. There are 12 astrological signs each on a different time of year.

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  2. Infamously true...August 20, 2012 at 8:26 PM

    Astrology is a science; the study of astral bodies and how they are in our lives. Horoscopes, which is just completely 'dumb' in my honest opinion, is usually just a day to day reading that anyone could write.
    Leo: Don't step out of the house today. You'll get hit by a truck.

    See? Anyone can write a forecast. Don't bother with Horoscopes; we have more than just one sign. However astrology is like a said, is a science. Thus the 'ology' part.

  3. Horoscopes in today's world refer to extremely generalized and short bits of information based on 12 Sun signs. They are sometimes written by persons who have no experience with horoscopes or astrology.

    Astrology involves more information, details of which are described in charts. An astrology chart involves the planets in our solar system, plus the moon, and some astrologers will include asteroids and other points of interest. Once the locations of these are found and places with house divisions, aspects between them will be determined. A chart can be Sidereal, Tropical, Vedic and many other choices. The aspects and house placements are still constant. The basic chart is called a natal chart, but timing can be found with more involved charts called the progressed and transits.

    As a sort of analogy, horoscopes are barely the tip of an iceberg, if that.

  4. The word "horoscope" comes from the Greek "horoscopos" which actually means nativity in a sense and refers to the way the planets and stars were aligned at the time of an event. This is usually attributed to the time of your birth.

    Astrology is the study of the effects of the planets on sublunary things, i.e. things under the moon (here on Earth).

    The horoscope is the placement of the stars, and astrology is the study of how those stars interact.

  5. Astrology is the study of events in the cosmos and how they correlate to events on earth. It is the name of the entire field. Astro=stars; ology=study of.

    The word horoscope has undergone some changes in definition. The word is of Greek origin and comes from the Greek: horos (hour) skopos (watcher). It means "watcher of the hour" and it refers to the ascendant degree.

    Astrological charts used to be called "figures" or "maps." At sometime probably during the Renaissance or a little later, the words figures and maps began to be called "horoscopes." The words were used interchangeably. Today among genuine astrologers the word horoscope is a synonym for the chart. It no longer means ascendant or rising degree.

    Newspaper and magazine astrology columns are called "horoscopes" and now the word has taken on that meaning as well - at least in the general public. Therefore "astrology" is the entire field and the meaning of the word "horoscope" depends on context, but usually refers to the chart.