Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Real Ghost in Train Station (El Fantasma de Atocha)

Copyright © 2009 - - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Madrid. Verano 2009. Estación de trenes Renfe-Cercanías. Línea C3 - Andén 6 (Madrid. Summer 2009. Train station Renfe-Cercanías. Line C3 - Platform 6) RESIDUAL HAUNTINGS "Some ghosts appear to be mere recordings on the environment in which they once existed. These types of ghosts do not interact with or seem to be aware of the living. Their appearance and actions are always the same. They are like spirit-level recordings - residual energies - that replay over and over again. A traumatic moment in time leaves an indelible impression on the building or area," says Strange Nation in "What Is a Ghost?," "replaying itself for eternity. This could be anything from a 'glimpse of the past' - a recreation of some traumatic or emotion-laden event - to footsteps up and down a hallway." Source: LOS FANTASMAS RESIDUALES "Los (fantasmas) residuales repiten siempre lo mismo, se aparecen periódicamente y parecen ajenos a quienes los ven, pero su actitud no es comunicativa ni necesitan la presencia de seres humanos para manifestarse, por lo que a veces han sido grabados por cámaras de vigilancia sin presencia humana alguna." Fuente:

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