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Do you think we'll meet intelligent extraterrestrials within the next decade?

Question by pic_exec: Do you think we'll meet intelligent extraterrestrials within the next decade?
I believe the increased "sightings" of UFOs might propel us towards meeting other intelligent life, not of this planet.

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Let's leave nature alone for a while - Flathead Publishing Group

Let's leave nature alone for a while
Flathead Publishing Group
Are the chemtrail programs such a deep part of our physical environment, to the point that we can't think clearly anymore; not just “cognizant dissonance” but a form of artificially induced dementia? They (our government) fly noncommercial jets at a ...

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Quest For The Lost Civilization

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EVP: An Unbelievable Response

On paranormal investigations the use of control questions is an important part of all ghost box and EVP recording sessions. A control question is basicly asking something to which there can be only one possible correct answer to determine whether or not you are communicating with an intelligent life form. In this short video I used such a question and got more than I bargained for. Was this voice caught on tape showing intelligence, was it a spirit answering my question precisely, was it just co incidence?EVP or electronic voice phenomena as it is known is thought to be voices of those passed away trying to communicate with us captured on electronic devices. When trying to capture EVP, you can sit and ask questions or leave an audio recording device in a quiet room. When you play these recordings back, sometimes you will hear disembodied voices that were not present at the time, answering your questions or talking in general. This area of paranormal research was popularised when the film White Noise was released in 2005 starring Michael Keaton. The most popular method of capturing EVP is by using ordinary tape or digital audio dictaphone's or recording devices. One of the pioneers in this field was Dr Konstantin Raudive (1909 - 1974) and his experiments are still much talked about today.

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UFO or Lens Flare in Google Street View? You Decide - ABC News (blog)

ABC News (blog)

UFO or Lens Flare in Google Street View? You Decide
ABC News (blog)
Google Maps helps many people do various things, but tracking UFOs might be a new one. Andrea Dove contacted ABC News affiliate KLTV in East Texas with an interesting tip. Dove was using Google Maps to get directions to visit her aunt in Jacksonville, ...
Google Maps shows UFO over Jacksonville, Texas (photo)
Mystery of two identical UFO's almost 1000 miles apart caught on Google Street ...Daily Mail
UFO visible on Google Maps?
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Q&A: Spontaneous combustion?

Question by Malachi: Spontaneous combustion?
One wonders if we continue to stroke TR's ego enough and said swelling head continues to grow...will TR spontaneously combust?

Would this be an "unexplained paranormal phenomenon" or could this indeed be explained away by scientific fact?

My own view is one of practical faith. I once had a man tell me that "God was going to strike him down for sinning...." as I was looking for a little more clarification, I consulted my physically challenged friends -- the response I received was a vision of the man standing before me; then *poof* all that was left were some smoking boots and I heard a snicker.

I took took this to mean "If *God* wanted to strike him down; he'd of done it already." So logic tells me that it is more likely a chemical response rather than a Divine Intervention...'cuz knowing the Powers That Be, as I do -- over half us would have blown up by now.
Interesting,I would have never thought Kundalini energy would be brought up as a consideration for spontaneous combustion...but I could see where people might think so; my tummy has gotten warm before.

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Astrology Forecast August 2012

How could planetary influences help shape your life prospects for August? Find out in the latest monthly Astrology Forecast from Kathy Rose. If you'd like to contact Kathy directly, to schedule your personal consultation, please visit
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The 5 Most Ridiculously Unnecessary Modern Inventions

They say necessity is the mother of invention. What they neglect to mention is that invention's dad is a moron and he sometimes pops by the house with a new piece of shit idea that's so staggeringly awful that he takes your silent awe as approval when in fact you're trying to think of a new way to say "What the fuck?" that is at once louder and more vulgar, and somehow requires the assistance of noted scholars and theologians.

People invent awful stuff all the time, and while there were a lot of really kitschy patents around the turn of the last century, you'd think that the dumb idea bank would be getting full up in modern times. But it looks like there's still room for people to squeeze one or two new turds through.

Weird News on

Halo Reach Chupacabra Teabagging - Action Figure Therapy http Action Figure Therapy's Jungle and Ranger team up to fight to take on the Covenant in Halo Reach on XBox 360. Unfortunately, Jungle is more concerned with disgracing the enemy soldiers with his crotch than he is actually killing them. Be sure to rate this video thumbs up, leave a comment and share it with your friends. Also, please subscribe to our channel and "Like" our Facebook page. And, if doing all that hasn't completely worn you out, check out all the awesome (and inappropriate) t-shirts, stickers and other AFT gear in our store: Episodes Credits Series Created & Produced by: Dan Bialek Episode Voiced by Jarrod Harris
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How do you explain De ja vu?

Question by Nick: How do you explain De ja vu?
No Joke, I have dreams about things that not too far into the future happen. Never anything earth-shattering...just small moments in time that happen to me. And when they do, i can clearly remember dreaming that, that exact moment happened! What the hell, right? I don't consider myself psychic by any means, I feel that this is something everyone can do..or that it's an ability everyone has access to but doesn't realize. In high school, i asked my psychology teacher about de ja vu and he said that it's an "unexplained phenomenon". I'm just looking for a more elaborate answer... cuz it's rare that i remember my dreams at all, and for the things i do remember to actually happen!?!? Anyway, I'm rambling now... if anyone has anything, please let me know....Thanks!

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The Ongoing Story of the Loch Ness Monster

The Ongoing Story of the Loch Ness Monster

3_61_loch_ness_monsterLoch Ness is located in the North of Scotland and is one of a series of interlinked loch's which run along the great Glen. For many years now this has been the home of likely the most famous lake monster in history the "Loch Ness Monster" or better know as "Nessie". There have been nessie sightings going on in the loch for at least the last 100 years. Through many sightings and media reports the legend of nessie has continued to grow throughout the years.

Loch Ness is a massive loch reaching twenty two and a half miles long and between one and one and a half miles wide with depths in the range of 750-800 ft. It is the largest fresh water body of water in Britain. The loch is thought to have been connected to the ocean at two different points in history lending credence to the fact that large creatures could have become trapped in the loch. The size and depth of this great loch made it extremely difficult to explore even with modern technology. This alone helps to feed the possibility of there being a yet undiscovered creature inhabiting loch ness even today.

The sighting of nessie and various reports have offered an array of photo's and descriptions of the creature through out the years. Many reports have been published and details made public from as far back as 1933 by locals Mr & Mrs Mackay who spotted the creature while driving down the lochside and in 1934 on April 19th which is one of the most well known nessie sightings to date. This sighting was reported by Robert Kenneth Wilson and it was this sighting that produced the "Surgeons Photo" which is now a widely recognisable photo (shown above). This photo has had the most impact on the nessie legend over the last 66 years and brought up many many debates on its authenticity. This photo fueled the idea that the creature in the loch may be a thought to be extinct Plesiosaur. In 1960 Tim Dinsdale is credited with taking what is now considered to be the greatest piece of evidence proving the existence of Nessie. On April 23rd after being on the lake for several days exploring he took a 16MM camera video of the creature moving across the loch and then turning parallel to the far shore and headed down the loch before running out of film. The film was later developed and instantly became proof of some unknown animal inhabiting the loch. This film was further studied by the RAF in 1966 and a conclusion was made that it was not a surface vessel of any kind but some animate object in Loch Ness.

The debate goes on among scientist as to the question of the loch having enough food to sustain a breading population of such large creatures. Some scientist claim that studies done of the loch's food chain show 1-27 tonnes and many say that is simply not enough to feed such a population of creatures. Although other do argue that the large amounts of salmon that migrate into the loch each year along with the large amounts of eels could easily boost these food source numbers and easily sustain a food source over the years for such creatures.

With the amount of sightings from people living on the loch all there lives and visitors abound its hard to deny that there is something very interesting and mysterious about Loch Ness whether that be Nessie or not. The only thing that can be done is to continue to research the loch and take into account the new sightings and stories and keep a close eye out for the piece of evidence that can one day prove the creatures existence.

Does Loch Ness contain the creature everyone has become enchanted with? Does Nessie truly exist and is just waiting to be discovered?

For more information and up to date sightings of Nessie and many other monsters and myths check out

"The Search Continues" -

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Ohio Hauntings, Abandoned Cement Plant parts 1 to 4


Stop three in our Ohio Hauntings series. Our New Year Eve investigation of an old abandoned cement factory in White Cottage Ohio.

Country Drive - Hyundai Sasquatch commercial

Holy Crap! Hyundai Canada Meets Sasquatch. The Hyundai Big Game Commercial Stars The All-New 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe and Sasquatch. Want more Sasquatch? Visit for behind the scenes videos.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

When fantasy/sci-fi aficionado Gavin (Jeremy Sumpter) ventures into the woods, he stumbles onto some mammoth footprints and a large turd. Could this be the infamous Sasquatch— or just another one of Zerks (Justin Long) ludicrous pranks? The Sasquatch Gang is a fantastical, weird and absurdly funny comedy with medieval swordfighting, mythic beasts and young love full of Big Foot and big laughs!
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Does the "Chupacabra" really exist?

Question by thestudyman: Does the "Chupacabra" really exist?
Some Latin American acquaintances of mine told me the Chupacabra really exist.
But in my opinion, you never know unless you personally see it...

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Japan crop circles mystery solved with one small pufferfish (video) -


Japan crop circles mystery solved with one small pufferfish (video)
This week, the mystery of the Japan crop circles was solved and underwater photographer Yoji Ookata couldn't be happier about it. Earlier this year, Ookata discovered an underwater crop circle located off the coast of southern Japan and he brought a ...

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How do you say "El Chupacabra" in English, French or German?

Question by GymmyLuvsU!!: How do you say "El Chupacabra" in English, French or German?

@Jeff--yeah right Jeff and I was born yesterday!! rofl rofl rofl

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Inside L.A.'s Chemtrails Community, a Group That Thinks We're Being Sprayed ... - LA Weekly (blog)

LA Weekly (blog)

Inside L.A.'s Chemtrails Community, a Group That Thinks We're Being Sprayed ...
LA Weekly (blog)
On a recent Saturday morning, a small buzz of activity emanates from the stately Wilshire Ebell Theatre abutting Hancock Park. This is not a theatrical production but rather "Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails," a conference for those sharing belief in ...

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(Leonard Nimoy) In Search Of.. **The Mummy's Curse** (Season 1 Episode 8)

The Mummy's Curse: Probes the claim that a protective curse on king Tutankhamun's tomb accounted for a chain of mysterious deaths.
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are "chemtrails" just another name for the govt program called T.A.P.?

Question by MR. Thumbs Up: are "chemtrails" just another name for the govt program called T.A.P.?

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Some odd things and cool things about the ketchikan video... it's been raining for a week straight here and I haven't made it out. So I pulled a frame by frame of the Ketchikan sighting...
Video Rating: 3 / 5 (Keep up on the latest news) (Subscribe to get newest content) Field investigation of recent, possible Bigfoot sighting in Bigelow Maine. Near location of historical 1949 report by 2 separate witnesses of a 7 ft tall beast by roadway. Field investigation 48 hours after incident. (Join us live, each Sunday evening at 6:00 pm eastern time) (Shawn Evidence's site) http (Ro's web page) (Damian Bravo's site) http (Talented artist and TeamTazer's illustrator) (Guy Edward's web site)

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Disc UFO reported under 500 feet over West Hollywood -

Disc UFO reported under 500 feet over West Hollywood
Two California witnesses standing outside at a West Hollywood motel report watching a silent, "yellow-ish, disc-shaped object" under 500 feet, according to September 20, 2012, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
UFO activity over Niagara Falls reinforces testimony on aliensCanadian National Newspaper

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Loch Ness Monster - One of the Most Famous Creatures of Cryptozoology

Loch Ness Monster - One of the Most Famous Creatures of Cryptozoology

loch_ness_monster_05For a long time the Loch Ness Monster has been a creature of cryptozoology that has been sighted in the Lake (Loch) Ness in Scotland. This creature resembles a large aquatic serpent plesiosaur, which today is best known as Nessie, a nickname given by its fans, whether existing or not, the monster is a celebrity today. In fact, there are video cams and web cams on different points of the lake waiting for Nessie to be caught. Many people have relocated to tents and mobile homes nearby waiting for the long time awaited "idol" in which there is a reward for whoever sees him arise from the depth of the waters either live or through the cams installed for that purpose.

There are many theories surrounding the Loch Ness Monster. Considering the time from when it was first reportedly seen to today, it is possible that any actual living Nessie's could be the offspring of many generations from the original monster. Mosy researchers believe that there is more than one Nessie or there is a possible underwater passage that allows the monster to travel. In the United States, a similar monster has been reported in Lake Champlain, Vermont. This creature is known as Champ or Champie, supporting the idea of a possible underwater passageway allowing Nessie to travel from Scotland to the USA, changing its identity.

Although the monster was widely publicized in the early 1960s, the first report was made in 1930. However, the documented sighting of a plesiosaur, a water-bound creature, in 1923 made cryptozoologist believe that the specimen of these monsters existed in the lake at least 200 years ago. However, the description of the creature's appearance suggests an older origin. Expeditions to the bottom of the lake began in the early 1970s, when a group led by American Dr. Robert Rines obtained vague underwater photographs.

Although, many people claim to have seen the monster in recent years, the cameras installed show movement in the lake but no clear shots of Nessie and nobody has claimed the reward yet, but Nessie's enthusiasts keep watching the lake religiously.

In the United Kingdom, the confirmed existence of Nessie is irrelevant because the monster has a mythological meaning to the British people, but particularly to the Scottish that do not need proof to believe in the monsters existence. Modern urban legend or traditional Celtic myth, there is a popular belief rumored from person to person by way of legend saying that a certain hornpipe melody has the ability to attract Nessie to the surface, however only a few people that know the music are still alive today.

There is a website that describes this and numerous other creatures of Cryptozoology in detail. The website is called: Unknown Creatures, and may be found at this address =>

Love Marriage In Horoscope (Vedic Astrology)


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Unexplained Phenomena during Rewilding

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Mysterious shapes are appearing all across the country. Australian TV ad, for the new CC's flavours. "You just can't say no".
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UFO activity over Niagara Falls reinforces testimony on aliens -

UFO activity over Niagara Falls reinforces testimony on aliens
A witness reports UFO activity over Niagara Falls, Canada on 11 September 2012 according to testimony documented on UFO Sightings Daily that was published on 19 September 2012. The report reinforces allegations of a military base under Lake Ontario ...

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Chemtrails - Poisioning The Very Air We Breathe - Look To The Skies

Chemtrails - Poisioning The Very Air We Breathe - Look To The Skies

Ever notice a jet flying in the sky and how a line of white trails from behind it? Then see how it disentegrates a short distance behind it? This is known as a contrail or vapour trail. Now see the jet flying over head. Hey! it's contrail isn't disappearing behind it! It's miles and miles long! It goes from horizon to horizon. What Gives!?!?

This is know as a chemtrail. A trail of chemical being sprayed by a jet. What the chemical is one can only speculate. Some say it's aluminum oxide. Designed to reflect sun light back out to space to reduce or prevent global warming. Others say that it's a virus, like influenza or something, designed to make the weak immune system recipient sick. And some even expire. In an attempt to reduce the world population so that the New World Order can gain control easier.

In some reports chem trails have reduced the population in some areas by 12%. Other reports and photos show how highly populated areas are sprayed heavily. You could play tic tac toe in the sky. So much for a clear sky. In some movies chem trails have been captured on film.

So the next time that you're outside on a bright sunny day put on your sun glasses. Peer up at the sky. And chances are you will witness one of the scheduled sprayings for your area. Don't be fooled thinking that they're just cirrus clouds.

Following are several links to copy/paste into another browser window. Many showing pictures of chem trails and several links to follow. One even offers a chem trail buster. We must put this to an end.



Please feel free to republish this article. Take the entire article and send it via e-mail to everyone in your list. And pass it on from there. Everyone needs to be educated.

Gas mask anyone?


Gary S. recommends coming by his store for 3-D ChromaDepth art that's done with a psychedelic flavor at:

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Get this job and you'll have big shoes to fill: Bigfoot researcher -

Get this job and you'll have big shoes to fill: Bigfoot researcher
We seek an experienced researcher with a deep understanding of cryptozoology, primatology, with a good background with scientific research and interest in great apes." Some of the research assistant's responsibilities will be to "investigate, document ...
Employment News: Bigfoot researcher help wanted ad listed on

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Man Creates Snow 'Crop Circles' Using Just His Foot And A Compass - Huffington Post UK

Man Creates Snow 'Crop Circles' Using Just His Foot And A Compass
Huffington Post UK
British artist Simon Beck understands the aesthetic potential of snow better than most, which is why he recently traveled to Les Arcs in the French Alps to create these stunning 'snow crop circles'. His method? Dragging his feet around with an ...

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Something in the Sky - KCRG

Something in the Sky
Anonymous says ... today at 3:18 PM. The pilots spraying these chemicals are taunting us and yet nobody sees the big picture. Chemtrails have been in our skys for over a decade now. If you think lines in the sky that linger for hours are normal ...

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Are Crop Circles Hoaxes Or Other Worldy Phenomena?

Are Crop Circles Hoaxes Or Other Worldy Phenomena?

Crop circles gripped the imagination, attention and interest of the world ever since the earliest circular formations discovered in the 1960's. The scientific association, the media, and the New Age believers almost always showed some interest in the appearance of new crop formations. The M. Night Shyamalan movie Signs, which starred Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix, and many other fictional works used crop formations as a main feature in their subject matter.

A crop circle design is created when a field of rapeseed, rye, wheat, corn or barley is flattened into what usually appears to be a pattern of circles and/or some other geometric shape. The earliest field formations consisted of simple circles, but the designs generally evolved into more and more complex patterns ever since, with some designs becoming a highly involved triple Julia set or even with some formations exhibiting three-dimensional qualities. The patterns found in sacred geometry can often be found in crop formations.

Serious investigators of the crop formation phenomenon, regardless of how basic or involved the patterns are, often wonder whether they are the result of simply being man-made (most likely), an effect of freakish weather, or something of otherworldly or paranormal in origin.

The History of the Crop Circles

Records of crop circle formations date back as far as the 1880's in England. According to these early records, crop circles were thought to be caused by freak storms that created round impressions in the cultivated fields.

There has been little interest in crop formations and little written about them until almost a century later. Crop formations again attracted more interest in the press when more sightings were reported in the 1960's. Crop designs did not just appear in England, they also occurred in many places all across the globe such as in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and Russia. Areas and locations considered to be ancient, sacred and holy were often near the formations of crop circles. Most crop circles were discovered in the southern portion of England, mostly in the area of Wiltshire County.

Multiple explanations were created regarding the formation of crop circles. One theory stated that crop formations were the effect of strange weather such as whirlwinds and tornadoes. Another concept joined or linked crop circles to disc-shaped UFO's and otherworldly beings such as aliens.

The mystery behind most of the crop formation phenomena was destroyed when two pranksters by the name of Dave Chorley and Doug Bower claimed to have created most of the crop circles in Wiltshire County themselves using planks, rope and other locally found tools under cover of the darkest hours of the night.

Some Crop Formations Still Defy Explanation

After the time that Dave Chorley and Doug Bower came forward claiming that they created the crop circles that appeared on the fields of Wiltshire County, later research revealed that eighty per-cent of all documented crop formations are of human origin. However, a twenty per-cent of carefully recorded and researched crop formations had no indication of being created by human hands and therefore still had no "earthly" explanation. What then could be causing the unexplained twenty per-cent?

Many paranormal researchers and scientists were forced to conclude that the remaining unexplained group of crop formations had to have other explanations for their occurrences. Experts decided on the creation of "cereology" as a serious area of research to help solve the problem of finding out the actual truth behind the formation of the most genuine field designs.

Crop Formations That Are Well-Known

The following are a few highlights of various significant circular formations that appeared after the 1960's:

* The solar system formation, discovered in Longwood Warren, Hampshire, UK. With a similarity to the planets of the inner solar system and an obvious absence of the planet Earth, this formation attracted much interest to scholars and scientists alike.* The dumbbell formation, first discovered in Chilcomb Farm in UK. Assumed to be the first of the dumbbell formations, where two circles were connected by a line and flanked with two rectangles at each side. Formed in 1990.* The Barbury Castle tetrahedron. Barbury Castle is a Neolithic fort in the United Kingdom. Because it depicted one of the sacred hermetic symbols, the symbol of the Trinity, it was considered highly significant. This tetrahedron design appeared in the fields near Barbury Castle in 1991.* The "Tree of Life" formation. Another Barbury Castle configuration that appeared in May of 1997.

Crop Formations and Sacred Geometry

There is an obvious connection between crop formations and sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is an aspect of geometry for the purpose of communicating an eternal truth, expanding consciousness and spiritual awareness. There is also a sense of balance, centeredness and well-being that comes from the sheer beauty and elegance of the sacred geometry often used in the design of a crop formation. Sacred geometry carries its own meaning and message whether it be created by extraterrestrial artists from a higher realm, or as in the vast majority of cases, simply stomped-out by Earth-bound human designers. Many sacred jewelry designs are based on crop circles or on sacred symbols often found in crop circle formations.

More information and movies related to the above article can be found here ==> Sacred Jewelry

Russell Symonds (Shaktivirya) has dedicated his life to finding wholeness and is living the "wholeness" lifestyle. His website, Science of Wholeness is a spiritual and nutritional information and research center dedicated to helping you find your keys to wholeness (everlasting joy, love, bliss, rejuvenation, and much, much more). Wholeness can be many things and his website not only duscusses all the different aspects of wholeness but also all the different ways toward wholeness. There is no greater thing of beauty, value and joy as wholeness!

The rest of his original articles and his free online book, Science of Wholeness I & II can be found here ==> Wholeness Site Map

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A MUST LISTEN TO FOR EVERYONE ! The most fascinating, juicy, hardcore insider information on the subject of alien abduction at the hands of the REPTILIAN EXTRATERRESTRIALS. A 1 1/2 hour audio archive with one of the worl'd top researchers on this subject, Joe Montaldo. This archive contains information rarely shared with the general public & Joe goes where most researchers are afraid to go. Joe is international director for ICAR the International Community for Alien Research visit ICAR at & visit COSMICYOU at

Our World: The phenomenon of crop circles - Coventry Telegraph

Our World: The phenomenon of crop circles
Coventry Telegraph
THERE are three schools of thought about crop circles: those who believe they must be man made; those who believe they must be made by something other than humans; and those who accept that some could be man made but can't rule out a less earthly ...

crop circles - Google News

Best Evidence - Top 10 UFO Cases - Feature Film

A look at ten of the best evidence UFO cases of all time, as chosen by a group of the world's most prominent UFO researchers.

Residual Hauntings Aren't Recordings, But Views in Time

Residual Hauntings Aren't Recordings, But Views in Time

abbey_monk_ghost_story-523x611-425x497Residual Hauntings are not naturally occurring recordings of past events into the surrounding environment. The truth is they are views in time. When you stand on the Gettysburg battlefield, the only thing that separates you from the men who fought there is time. In other words, you are there and so are they, you both occupy the same space. If people do give off psychic energy under incredible situations, this energy flows through time like water leaking through a dam. Residual Hauntings are not recordings, they are the actual events happening at that time, except by emotional or psychic energy it punches through time to our present day and we witness the event as it is happening in the past. The event happened only once in time. The true name for a residual haunting should be a "Time Leak Haunting", or just a "Time Leak".

No law of physics prevents time travel. But there are many things that tell us events cannot be "recorded" into their surroundings and then played back at a later time. The basic laws of mass and energy don't work that way. But physics is learning more and more about time such as space-time. Einstein determined that space and time are one and the same. They are merged together in something called space-time. Space-time can be manipulated, stretched, changed, etc.

Could the heightened emotional or psychic energy given off by one or thousands of humans be enough to punch a whole through or manipulate space-time?

We already know that we can view the past. Just look through a telescope at a distant star in the night sky and you are looking into the past. What you are seeing through your telescope is actually what the star looked like hundreds, thousands, or millions of years ago. What you are looking at may no longer even exist. When you look at the sun, you are looking at it 8 minutes in the past. We know this because we know the distance to the sun and also the speed of light. If the sun were to explode we would not see it until 8 minutes have passed.

Witnesses in present day Gettysburg have reported seeing and hearing a long line of troops, wagons, and horses. What they were seeing is Lee's Retreat after the battle of Gettysburg. It was a massive train of wagons carrying the severely injured Confederate troops. This massive train stretched for miles. The sadness and pain of this retreat no doubt expended huge amounts of emotional energy. Confederate General John Imboden wrote down an actual account of Lee's retreat:

"... from almost every wagon for many miles issued heart-rending wails of agony. From nearly every wagon as the teams trotted on, urged by whip and shout, came such cries and shrieks as these: 'O God why can't I die!', 'My God why will no one have mercy and kill me!', 'I am dying! I am dying! My poor wire, my dear children, what will become of you?' " - from the diary of Confederate General John Imboden, July 1863.

The human energy whether emotional or psychic is so great that it pushes the event across the dimension of time or across space-time. What would happen if someone from our time enters into this train of confederate soldiers when it next appears? I don't know.

Eric Martin is the founder of the Ghost Engineers ( ). Eric's unconventional techniques and analysis unveil more of the paranormal world than anyone before in history. He has also written science and technology papers for GE, and Siemens. Eric uses engineering and science to get to the truth behind paranormal activity. Eric is currently designing a system to keep the nation's trains from colliding into each other. The system uses GPS satellites to track the train's locations. If two trains get too close, a computer instructs the trains to slow down and apply the brakes. Many lives will be saved from this system. You can reach Eric at

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Wanted: bigfoot researcher - alloveralbany


Wanted: bigfoot researcher
Not for profit organization, located in Whitehall, NY is a high-energy, team-oriented research entity that is involved in the tracking, documenting, and study of cryptozoological creatures, with a deep interest in the study and search of bipedal ...

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Would it be "WEIRD" To Write About Me Teaching myself about "Astrology" in a College Application?

Question by : Would it be "WEIRD" To Write About Me Teaching myself about "Astrology" in a College Application?
I want to know whether thats a weird.... "hobby" to write about in a University application, lets say to UCLA and/or USC...

I taught it to myself and Im interested in it but its not something Ill pursue in a career, its just like a little side hobby I have... is it worth writing about it. or is it too unimportant/ weird to even mention?

What do you think? Answer below!

Isolated Amazon Tribe Massacre Mystery

IROTATHERI, Venezuela -- Venezuelan officials and journalists investigating reports of a possible massacre in a remote indigenous village in the Amazon have found people peacefully cooking plantains over a communal fire, and no sign of any killings.

Yanomami Indians in the village of Irotatheri spoke with journalists through a guide, who translated their accounts that there had been no violence. The government flew in journalists by helicopter Friday after a report of killings in the community by an indigenous group.

The villagers stood and watched in apparent amazement as the helicopter passed over their huts and landed nearby in a clearing. Women in the village carried their babies in slings, and people of all ages had their lips bulging with tobacco leaves that they stuff into their mouths and keep there without chewing throughout the day.

Leaders of the Horonami Yanomami Organization released a statement late last month saying that people from a nearby village had visited Irotatheri and reported a mass killing of unknown proportions in early July.

About 40 people live in Irotatheri, a collection of huts that officials say is 19 kilometers (12 miles) from the border with Brazil.

The villagers still largely keep to their traditional ways, wearing face paint and loincloths. But government officials who reached the village ahead of the journalists brought the people T-shirts to cover themselves, and also brought hammocks and cooking pots, which the Yanomami quickly accepted.

Officials gave them pasta and dried manioc that they could cook in their new pots, and also handed them their first spoons.

A doctor traveled with the group and was providing check-ups. Many people in the village were treated for skin ailments and conjunctivitis.

The villagers performed a dance for the visitors, holding bows and arrows.

The Yanomami are one of the largest isolated indigenous groups in the Amazon, with a population estimated at roughly 30,000 on both sides of the Venezuela-Brazil border.

The Yanomami have often had to contend with Brazilian gold miners, who for years have crossed into Venezuela and torn up the forest, leaving water laced with mercury. But military officials who reached the village said that patrols in the area had found no miners.

The government is providing the community with a radio so it communicate with the authorities if they have problems. Two men from the village climbed aboard a helicopter for the first time and flew to a nearby military outpost in La Esmeralda to learn how to use the radio system.

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Three UFOs Filmed Over Beverly Hills -

Three UFOs Filmed Over Beverly Hills
Startling footage of three UFO lights hovering the skies above Los Angeles is raising some interesting questions. Does this video prove the existence of aliens? And if so, why are the extraterrestrials monitoring Beverly Hills, of all places? The two ...
Incredible NASA UFOs "Join Us and Live in Peace?"allvoices

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

2 More Bodies Recovered From Washington Volcano After Unrelenting Storms

SEATTLE (AP) — Park rangers returned to a glacier on Mount Rainier Saturday to search for a fourth victim of a series of winter storms, a day after recovering what they presume to be the second and third bodies.

The climbers — two parties of two — vanished during unrelenting storms on the 14,410-foot volcano in mid-January. The summer snowmelt last month revealed one of the bodies not far from the climbing route on the Muir snowfield — that of Mark Vucich, 37.

But there had been no sign of the others until Thursday, when a helicopter crew ferrying supplies to Camp Muir spotted a woman's body hanging over the edge of a large crevasse, buried in about 5 feet of snow, near the 8,200-foot level, Mount Rainier National Park spokesman Kevin Bacher said.

Climbing rangers arrived Friday to find a snow-buried campsite, with supplies belonging to several different people strewn about the bottom of the crevasse, he said. Aided by a helicopter, they recovered the woman's body Friday afternoon and discovered a sleeping bag in the snow that led them to a male victim.

Officials were awaiting a medical examiner's determination to confirm that they were two of the missing climbers from January. In addition to Vucich, of Agoura Hills, Calif., the missing were his friend Michelle Trojanowski, 30, of Atlanta; Sork "Eric" Yang, 52, of Springfield, Ore.; and Seol Hee Jin, 52, of South Korea.

They were last seen by a climber who reported that all four were heading up the mountain as he descended it with the storms approaching. Yang and Jin were in the lead, followed by Vucich and Trojanowski, on a separate rope but following the same track.

"We have suspected that as things turned ugly up there they might have joined forces, and now we're certain that was the case," Bacher said.

The campsite is about one-quarter mile east of, and over a ridge from, the standard climbing route, which is likely why visitors to the mountain had not seen the woman's body earlier, Bacher said.

Though climbing gear from both groups appears to have been found together at the campsite, Vucich's body was found some distance away, and it wasn't clear if the fourth body would be in the immediate vicinity.

About a dozen climbing rangers spent Friday night at Camp Muir, at the 10,000-foot level, and were out early Saturday to carefully probe and dig in a grid pattern for signs of the last victim, Bacher said.

"It's always a positive thing to find someone after so long," Bacher said. "To come across a second body yesterday, they were pretty upbeat, and they were anxious to get back out there today."


Johnson can be reached at

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Military to Own The Weather In 2025 - Chemtrails HAARP Space Weapons

CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE: In 2010 Aerospace Engineers published conclusive evidence for Covert Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, (aka "Chemtrails") in a 336 page report called "CASE ORANGE". The report was commissioned by THE BELFORT GROUP (UK), who held a "CHEMTRAILS SYMPOSIUM" where the conclusions were presented by Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Coen Vermeeren. -- ALSO: The term "chemtrails" is in the text of 2001 legislation (HR-2977) defined as an "exotic weapon". Alt Link HR-2977 legislation "Chemtrails": Documentary: What In The World Are They Spraying?: Documentary: Why In The World Are They Spraying? (Trailer)

Tattoo artist Jeremy Justice creates crop circle-inspired turntable -

Tattoo artist Jeremy Justice creates crop circle-inspired turntable
When Jeremy Justice created a crop-circle-inspired turntable, he joined a long list of artists who are known for more than one creative outlet. For the sculptor Michelangelo, painting was a sideline. Andy Warhol was as devoted to black and white film ...

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Sasquatch 2009 Dancing Man Party Original Audio

This is the version without NPSH in the background. The Song that everyone is really dancing to is Santigold's "Unstoppable" the part in the middle is "Say Aha"
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Making a big impression: Artist creates giant 'crop circles' in the snow by ... - Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Making a big impression: Artist creates giant 'crop circles' in the snow by ...
Daily Mail
These snowy 'crop circles' look like they took ages to create. No chance, then, that the imprints were made by alien lifeforms leaving behind remarkable patterns for us to gaze at. Instead, they are the work of a lone artist who has spent up to ten ...

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CROP CIRCLE ~ Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire ~ Reported August 1, 2012 ~

Thanks to Crop Circle Connector for the images ~ ...see more at Music is 'Peace Within' by Bruce W Hathaway and Elizabeth Jean Hanna ~
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

TV's Most Popular School

If the name of the school on “Glee” rings a bell, it might be because William McKinley High was also the setting for two of TV’s other finest portraits of teen angst: “Freaks and Geeks” and “The Wonder Years.” So, why is the 25th president of the United States such a popular namesake?

"We chose it because it was the only president's name which was legally clearable,” Judd Apatow, the executive producer of “Freaks and Geeks,” explained in an email to HuffPost TV. “We didn't realize it was used on ‘The Wonder Years.’ I assume they used it for the same reason."

Who knew? In order to help you keep the three McKinleys straight, we’ve created a handy cheat sheet.

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New Crop Circle 28th July 2012 at Jubilee Copse, nr Hannington, Wiltshire, UK !!

Crop Circle 28th July 2012 at Jubilee Copse, nr Hannington, Wiltshire, UK. Generally agreed containing code of some sort, possibly binary since there are 144 squares which can be divided by eight. No solution as of yet.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

$83,000 Bill For A Scorpion Bite!?

PHOENIX -- An Arizona woman is wondering what hurt more: getting stung by a scorpion or seeing her hospital bill after treatment.

Marcie Edmonds says the bill from Chandler Regional Medical Center was more than $ 83,000. That includes two doses of anti-venom at nearly $ 40,000 per dose.

The 52-year-old Ahwatukee (ah-wha-TU'-kee) Foothills resident was stung in June while opening a box of air conditioner filters in her garage.

Edmonds says an emergency room doctor told her about the Mexican anti-venom Anascorp that could quickly relieve her symptoms, but she was never told about the cost.

Chandler Regional says Edmonds' bill represents the out-of-network costs for her treatment.


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UFO Sightings Eyewitnesses Stunned! Watch What Happens Next Watch Now! July 9 2012

UFO Sightings Leave Eyewitnesses Stunned! Family Enjoys Park Watch What Happens Next Watch Now! UFOs This footage just into Thirdphaseofmoon we will keep you updated! Subscribe Now! increíble vídeo que encontré en la red, de un clarisimo ovni

Christopher Munch on the excellent Sasquatch film 'Letters From The Big Man' -

Christopher Munch on the excellent Sasquatch film 'Letters From The Big Man'
Sasquatch · Bigfoot · Paranormal · Spirituality · Film · cryptozoology. Advertisement. This is simply put one of the best Sasquatch films ever made and the most realistic. It approaches Sasquatch in a manner that is spiritually evolved compared to all ...

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hurricane Isaac's wacky conspiracists - Salon

Hurricane Isaac's wacky conspiracists
Not that Obama is controlling the storm per se – that's a theory best left to the chemtrails crowd. But Limbaugh is sure thatsomething funky is going on. The storm “was being reported [on Sunday] in a way that resulted in the Republicans canceling ...

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6 unexplained phenomena of the human body.wmv

to download the document click her
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NASA RBSP Rocket Buzzed By UFO 2012 HD

Strange object highlighted with a filter, that seems to get very close to the RBSP Rocket, launched at Cape Canaveral AFS on Aug. 30, 2012. Alien Bio Humanoid Found On Mars? 2012 HD Mars Curiosity Anomalies 2012 HD Weird Anomolies Captured By Mars Curiosity 2012 HD 4 UFOs Caught By Mars Curiosity? 2012 HD UFOs Observe Mars Curiosity Rover? 2012 HD ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:
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Monday, September 3, 2012

WATCH: Deer Falls Into Swimming Pool

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A wandering deer found himself in hot water after stepping on a pool cover and making a big splash in the backyard of a Colorado home.

Homeowner Scott Smith says he found the buck in his ground-level pool Sunday morning trying to wrestle his way out of the pool cover. Smith says he had no idea when the deer wandered onto the patio in the backyard of his Colorado Springs home.

KOAA-TV reports that firefighters built a ramp to help the animal out. Photos show the buck was coaxed out of the pool with rope to guide his way up the ramp.

The deer ran off as soon as he got out of the water, some four hours after he was discovered in the pool.

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Sasquatch lives – in imaginations - Billingsnews

Sasquatch lives – in imaginations
The arrival of Pete Wilson in Billings opens a new branch of an old anthropological discipline: Cryptozoology. Wilson, a member of Virginia Bigfoot Watch, lost no time when his company transferred him to Montana. His website, Montana Sasquatch Watch, ...

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Q&A: What does "chupacabra" mean is it English?

Question by : What does "chupacabra" mean is it English?

Please leave your comments!

Do UFO's really exsist or are they just a figment of the imagination?

Question by cowgirl87_87: Do UFO's really exsist or are they just a figment of the imagination?
There have been many "sightings" of UFO's or strange lights but none have really been proven( i.e. The Pheonix lights in '97). So is it just a government cover-up, imaginary or do they really exist?

Please leave your comments!

UFO (Festival) touches down in Exeter -

Student Operated Press

UFO (Festival) touches down in Exeter
Catherine and her brother, Thomas Lyons, 3, came with their mother, Kristin Lyons, to the fourth annual Exeter UFO Festival. Thomas made a spaceship that "transported" his sister to the event from Hampton. The duo won first prize in the costume contest ...
Out of this world: UFO Festival visits downtown ExeterFoster's Daily Democrat
UFO Festival Invades Downtown
UFO party draws crowd to ExeterThe Union Leader -Student Operated Press
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alien Abduction: Night Skies (2007) [FULL]

March 13th, 1997; one of the largest UFO sightings ever recorded takes place above Phoenix, AZ. That same night, six people are stranded by chance on a nearby forgotten road, and encounter more than simply just lights in the sky.

Crop circle and UFO spotted in Avebury -

Crop circle and UFO spotted in Avebury
A UFO video on YouTube, possibly the first of its kind, combines the sighting of an unidentified flying object with a group of curiosity seekers exploring one of the famous crop circles which popped up in Avebury, England. The sighting took place on ...
UFO Spotted over Avebury Crop Circle (Video)

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Haunted Places Letchworth Village

Letchworth village New York fun with friends exploring the area and different buildings

Flying Saucer and UFO Encounters

Flying Saucer and UFO Encounters

The UFO story originated not long after June 24, 1947, when many newspapers in the USA published the first sighting of the "flying saucer".

The story told how nine very bright, disk-shaped objects were seen by Kenneth Arnold, a Boise, Idaho, businessman, while he was flying his private plane near Mount Rainier, in the state of Washington. Now supported by a journalistic license, reporters took Arnold's original description of the individual motion of each object, "like a saucer skipping across water," and rephrased it to: "flying saucer," referring to the objects themselves.

Many years have passed since Arnold's memorable sighting, and the phrase has become so common that an entry was made in Webster's Dictionary, and it is recognized today in most languages throughout the world.

For a while after the Arnold sighting, the term "flying saucer" was used to describe all disk-shaped objects that were seen flashing through the sky at fantastic speeds. Before long, reports were made of objects other than disks, and these were also called flying saucers. Today the words are popularly applied to anything seen in the sky that cannot be identified as a common, everyday object.

In other words, a flying saucer can be a formation of bright lights, a single light, a sphere, or some other shape; and it can be any color. Performance wise, flying saucers can hover, go fast or slow, go high or low, turn 90-degree corners, or even, apparently, disappear almost instantaneously.

Clearly the term "flying saucer" is open to interpretation when objects of every imaginable shape and performance are labeled as such. This is why the military preference is the more general, although less colorful, name: unidentified flying objects. UFO (pronounced Yoo-foe) for short.

Officially the military uses the term "flying saucer" on only two occasions. First in an explanatory sense, as when briefing people who are unacquainted with the term "UFO": "UFO, you know, flying saucers." And second in a derogatory sense, for purposes of ridicule, as when it is observed, "He says he saw a flying saucer."

This second form of usage is the exclusive property of those persons who positively know that all UFOs are nonsense. Fortunately, if only as a matter of courtesy, those in this category are reducing in number. One by one these people drop out, starting with the instant they see their first UFO!

Some weeks after the first UFO was seen on June 24, 1947, the Air Force established a project to investigate and analyze all UFO reports. When the project first began, opinions ranged from near panic, to total derision for anyone who dared to even mentioned the words "flying saucer."

This contemptuous attitude toward "flying saucer nuts" prevailed from mid-1949 to mid-1950. During that interval many of the people who were, or had been, associated with the project believed that the public was suffering from "war nerves."

Early in 1950 the project, for all practical purposes, was closed out; at least it rated only minimum effort. Those in power now reasoned that if you didn't mention the words "flying saucers" the people would forget them and the saucers would go away. But this reasoning was false, for instead of vanishing, the quality of the UFO reports improved.

From airline pilots, to military pilots, generals, scientists, and dozens of other people, reports continued of UFO sightings, now in more detail than previously. Radars, which were being built for air defense, began to pick up some very unusual targets, thus lending technical corroboration to the unsubstantiated claims of human observers.

As a result of the continuing accumulation of more impressive UFO reports, official interest stirred. Early in 1951 verbal orders came down from Major General Charles P. Cabell, then Director of Intelligence for Headquarters, U.S. Air Force, to make a study reviewing the UFO situation for Air Force Headquarters.

The study was headed up by "EJR", who possessed impeccable credentials, and supervised until late in 1953. EJR served as a B-29 bombardier and radar operator, during the Second World War. He restarted college after the war, and before long, gained his aeronautical engineering degree. To keep his reserve status while in school, he flew as a navigator in an Air Force Reserve Troop Carrier Wing.

While compiling the report, EJR and members of his staff traveled close to half a million miles. They investigated in depth dozens of UFO reports, and read and analyzed several thousand more. These included every report the Air Force had ever received.

There were ten regular staff on the investigation plus many paid consultants representing every field of science. All had Top Secret security clearances so that security was no block in our investigations. This organization was made up of a reporting network consisting of every Air Force base intelligence officer and every Air Force radar station in the world, together with the Ground Observer Corps of the Air Defense Command. Reports were collected on every conceivable type of UFO, by every conceivable type of person. What did these people actually see when they reported a UFO? Putting aside truly unidentifiable flying objects, for the present, this question has several answers.

Often it has been positively proved that people have reported balloons, airplanes, stars, and many other common objects as UFOs. The people who make such reports don't recognize these common objects because something in their surroundings temporarily assumes an unfamiliar appearance.

Unusual lighting conditions are a common cause of such illusions. A balloon will glow like a "ball of fire" just at sunset. Or an airplane that is not visible to the naked eye suddenly starts to reflect the sun's rays and appears to be a "silver ball". Pilots in F-94 jet interceptors chase Venus in the daytime and fight with balloons at night, and people in Los Angeles see weird lights.

So did the investigation prove that UFOs exist? The hassle over the word "proof" boils down to one question: What constitutes proof? Is a UFO required to land at the River Entrance to the Pentagon, in front of the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Or is it proof when a ground radar station detects a UFO, sends a jet to intercept it, the jet pilot sees it, and locks on with his radar, only to have the UFO streak away at a phenomenal speed? Is it proof when a jet pilot fires at a UFO and sticks to his story even under the threat of court-martial? Does this constitute proof?

You must decide for yourself.

How real are UFOs? What actually is a UFO? How credible is the evidence? "Project Blue Book" a fascinating and authoritative e-book about unidentified flying objects. (UFOs). Not merely an e-book; it is a report, and is the first time ever that anyone, either military or civilian, has assembled into one document the complete facts about this fascinating subject. Learn more at Secret UFO Reports

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