Saturday, September 29, 2012

EVP: An Unbelievable Response

On paranormal investigations the use of control questions is an important part of all ghost box and EVP recording sessions. A control question is basicly asking something to which there can be only one possible correct answer to determine whether or not you are communicating with an intelligent life form. In this short video I used such a question and got more than I bargained for. Was this voice caught on tape showing intelligence, was it a spirit answering my question precisely, was it just co incidence?EVP or electronic voice phenomena as it is known is thought to be voices of those passed away trying to communicate with us captured on electronic devices. When trying to capture EVP, you can sit and ask questions or leave an audio recording device in a quiet room. When you play these recordings back, sometimes you will hear disembodied voices that were not present at the time, answering your questions or talking in general. This area of paranormal research was popularised when the film White Noise was released in 2005 starring Michael Keaton. The most popular method of capturing EVP is by using ordinary tape or digital audio dictaphone's or recording devices. One of the pioneers in this field was Dr Konstantin Raudive (1909 - 1974) and his experiments are still much talked about today.

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