Friday, September 28, 2012

Q&A: Spontaneous combustion?

Question by Malachi: Spontaneous combustion?
One wonders if we continue to stroke TR's ego enough and said swelling head continues to grow...will TR spontaneously combust?

Would this be an "unexplained paranormal phenomenon" or could this indeed be explained away by scientific fact?

My own view is one of practical faith. I once had a man tell me that "God was going to strike him down for sinning...." as I was looking for a little more clarification, I consulted my physically challenged friends -- the response I received was a vision of the man standing before me; then *poof* all that was left were some smoking boots and I heard a snicker.

I took took this to mean "If *God* wanted to strike him down; he'd of done it already." So logic tells me that it is more likely a chemical response rather than a Divine Intervention...'cuz knowing the Powers That Be, as I do -- over half us would have blown up by now.
Interesting,I would have never thought Kundalini energy would be brought up as a consideration for spontaneous combustion...but I could see where people might think so; my tummy has gotten warm before.

What do you think? Answer below!

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