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Residual Hauntings Aren't Recordings, But Views in Time

Residual Hauntings Aren't Recordings, But Views in Time

abbey_monk_ghost_story-523x611-425x497Residual Hauntings are not naturally occurring recordings of past events into the surrounding environment. The truth is they are views in time. When you stand on the Gettysburg battlefield, the only thing that separates you from the men who fought there is time. In other words, you are there and so are they, you both occupy the same space. If people do give off psychic energy under incredible situations, this energy flows through time like water leaking through a dam. Residual Hauntings are not recordings, they are the actual events happening at that time, except by emotional or psychic energy it punches through time to our present day and we witness the event as it is happening in the past. The event happened only once in time. The true name for a residual haunting should be a "Time Leak Haunting", or just a "Time Leak".

No law of physics prevents time travel. But there are many things that tell us events cannot be "recorded" into their surroundings and then played back at a later time. The basic laws of mass and energy don't work that way. But physics is learning more and more about time such as space-time. Einstein determined that space and time are one and the same. They are merged together in something called space-time. Space-time can be manipulated, stretched, changed, etc.

Could the heightened emotional or psychic energy given off by one or thousands of humans be enough to punch a whole through or manipulate space-time?

We already know that we can view the past. Just look through a telescope at a distant star in the night sky and you are looking into the past. What you are seeing through your telescope is actually what the star looked like hundreds, thousands, or millions of years ago. What you are looking at may no longer even exist. When you look at the sun, you are looking at it 8 minutes in the past. We know this because we know the distance to the sun and also the speed of light. If the sun were to explode we would not see it until 8 minutes have passed.

Witnesses in present day Gettysburg have reported seeing and hearing a long line of troops, wagons, and horses. What they were seeing is Lee's Retreat after the battle of Gettysburg. It was a massive train of wagons carrying the severely injured Confederate troops. This massive train stretched for miles. The sadness and pain of this retreat no doubt expended huge amounts of emotional energy. Confederate General John Imboden wrote down an actual account of Lee's retreat:

"... from almost every wagon for many miles issued heart-rending wails of agony. From nearly every wagon as the teams trotted on, urged by whip and shout, came such cries and shrieks as these: 'O God why can't I die!', 'My God why will no one have mercy and kill me!', 'I am dying! I am dying! My poor wire, my dear children, what will become of you?' " - from the diary of Confederate General John Imboden, July 1863.

The human energy whether emotional or psychic is so great that it pushes the event across the dimension of time or across space-time. What would happen if someone from our time enters into this train of confederate soldiers when it next appears? I don't know.

Eric Martin is the founder of the Ghost Engineers ( ). Eric's unconventional techniques and analysis unveil more of the paranormal world than anyone before in history. He has also written science and technology papers for GE, and Siemens. Eric uses engineering and science to get to the truth behind paranormal activity. Eric is currently designing a system to keep the nation's trains from colliding into each other. The system uses GPS satellites to track the train's locations. If two trains get too close, a computer instructs the trains to slow down and apply the brakes. Many lives will be saved from this system. You can reach Eric at

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