Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shape Shifting Entity in a Jet Pack?

So does anyone know what this could be? I have no idea. it kind of looks like a guy in a jet pack but it can't be that. Let me know if you have any ideas.

This is what ETNWO had to say about his video:
I filmed this strange entity slowly moving west, behind the Cavehill in Belfast..

The thing looked like it had legs at one point, then just at the end you will see it seems to double up the image, which seems to be common with the inter-dimensional things I'v filmed in the past, the orbs and probes have doubled up a lot of times when filming..

This entity seems to have two orbs within it, you will see the strange behavour of it, sorry for the shaky footage, but when you see something like this in the sky, you grab the cam and start shooting.. as i did.. and lucky enough after i got the camera steadied up a bit, i zoom in on a swift flying 'small fast bird', which i thought was the 'thing', then i pan over to the right to where the entity is, it was good to get the bird in the same footage, as it gives a perspective of what im capable of filming.

This the the second time iv filmed one of these entities, and iv no doubt i'll film one again, they are being filmed more every day, all around the planet. The activity in the skies lately is astonishing at ties, and the multi coloured living haze can be a bit of a trip at times, some seriously strange ''cloud'' formations lately also...

Keep an eye on the sky, and a camera close by...

Thanks for watching

UPDATE: This may have been explained on Doubtful News:

"Huffington Post sent this video to Marc Dantonio, the chief photo and video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network, to get his take on the supposed “inter-dimensional entity.” His conclusion probably won’t surprise anyone who had a real “question” about this UFO.

He concluded it’s a mylar balloon. Probably one shaped like a question mark. That’s pretty obvious when you watch the video. I kind of wish people would run through a checklist of earthbound things instead of jumping to a ridiculous conclusion. Inter-dimensional beings? Ugh. But add this to your list of things that are not UFOs."

You can read the whole article on 

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