About Paranominal?

My interest in the paranormal started when I was a child in second grade. My Grandfather passed away, and I was devastated, scared and lonely. After my parents told me the horrible news, I ran outside into the yard. I wanted to run away from what had happened and I needed to be alone. Exhausted from wandering around the yard by myself crying, I sat down on an old tree stump. As tears streamed down my face, I heard a voice call my name. It was without a doubt, my Grandfather. The voice was comforting, yet it had a tone that asked, "why are you crying"? The voice seemed distressed that I was upset. I turned around abruptly, looking for where the voice came from, but there was no one there. I never heard the voice again.

The second experience was much more recent, just a few years ago in fact. This time it was my Grandmother who passed away, and again I was heartbroken. You can never prepare for something like that. A few weeks later, I was looking out the back door window, daydreaming. It was very early in the morning, the grass was full of dew, the birds were chirping and I was thinking about the past.

Suddenly, I said out loud, "Grandma, if you are all right, please give me a sign". No more than a minute had past, when suddenly the yard and trees began filling up with hundreds of birds. They were chirping and fluttering about, visibly distressed about something. Then a huge hawk flew in and landed on the biggest tree and looked over at me. I felt comforted for some reason, and I hoped it was the sign I had asked for. I watched in disbelief for a few minutes, and then the hawk flew away, and so did the birds.

I know these two events can be explained away as childish imagination, and an adults need for closure. I'm aware that it might be coincidence that my backyard filled up with birds a minute after I asked for a sign. But that doesn't take away the wonder, and the possibility that maybe, just maybe, there is something more to all of this than we can see. That's what I want this site to be about. Pondering questions we have about the unknown and the strange, feeling the heartwarming amazement of the inexplicable, and seeing the humor in it all.

Paranominal is about subjects weird and strange; a celebration of the different and the unique. We gather paranormal news and videos from around the world, and support a community of "truth" seekers. I post what visitors find interesting. I'm not responsible for the credibility of the content or what someone else writes about or makes a video about. In fact, I suspect that some of it is bogus, but that's part of the fun! Some stories invoke humor, while others unexplained, allowing you to ponder the realities of existence. And still others so blatantly fake...well, you decide. We will feature some serious topics, but we intend to have fun too. If you don't have a sense of humor, this site isn't for you.

To those of you who sent me, and will send me, stories of your brush with the paranormal, thank you. You make this site worth doing. I get the most satisfaction coming along with you on your journey of discovery, and posting your stories for others to experience. Please keep sending them!

If you have a weird story or a brush with something unexplained, a face-to-face meeting with a ghost or U.F.O. perhaps, please e-mail us your story by filling out the form HERE. If you have pictures, video or audio (E.V.P.'s) to share, send them too! Just please be sure it belongs to you and you have rights to the content and state that in your e-mail. So now...

Welcome to a site dedicated to things that don't fit in other places: a place where you can read a question from a visitor like, "Is it illegal to remove a flying-saucer from my garden?"

Welcome to Paranominal.

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