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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scary Real Jinns,Ghosts,Spirits,Demons filmed on video

SUBSCRIBE AND STAY TUNED FOR MORE! Original video authored by: In this video, you'll see many proofs of the existence of the Jinns, they can materialize in the material world, modulate their frequency in order to more or less penetrate in our physical dimension, they can be more or less visible....They actually create an illusion of a fake body which is projected directly in our brain, that's why their materialized bodies are never perfect: they may be transparent, deformed, physical with more and less imperfections, ...., their materialwed body is often "too clean", there is no imperfections like a normal human body may have, .... These devils use any ploy in order to establish a contact with us: through ouija board, under the identity of an extraterrestrial, a dead relative, a saint, Jesus, Mary, Imam Mahdi, angel, ascended master, demon, ghost, smoke, owl, black dog, serpent, ....even an object..... they adapt their form according to their target, all they want is to influence their victims in order to lead them astray, to make them think that they can help them, that they can guide them, that they can bring to them success, wealthness, celebrity, knowledge, ..., the unknown,...., they promise them what they cannot get from Allah by their own efforts and prayers.... Those who invoke them, communicate with them, think they can bypass Allah, or that they can get closer to Him thanks to these entities (who are shaytans/devils/deceivers), but those who ...
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Forex Ghost Trader - Scam?

Forex Ghost Trader - Scam?

Since 1996 when retail forex trading was first launched there was many new developments in growth of this arena. In early 2000's brokers sprung up with software meant to make trading easy for bizarre people.


Many software program developers failed because of a lack of understanding of how the foreign exchange works. So we had a situation the place the software in use was troublesome for merchants, buyers and retail brokers as well.


To cut the long story most brokers settled for MetaQuotes software program generally known as MetaTrader or MT4. Which has been in use since 2005.


The fantastic thing about MT4 a Microsoft-Window primarily based digital trading system is that it permits end users to develop scripts and robots that would automate trading. Most of these additional plugins are known as Indicators, Professional advisers (EA's) and Robots.


Come 2011, a new breed of enhancement scripts appropriate with MT4 has come into place.

These scripts are but to get a name that may stick. In abstract, what they do is copy trades or position from one account (parent) to as many accounts that has entry to the copier script.


Such a copier script has now grow to be a business model for skilled merchants additional income stream, where they allow novice merchants and busy traders to make use of the script to CLONE trades from the experts account in real time. such that the outcomes they get are actually copied on their followers accounts.


The said scripts are available in numerous sizes and styles and Forex Ghost Trader is one such commerce copier brought to you by David Schwartz a senior trader who has had success in trading for the final couple of years, Making Millions in lower than 2 and half years from a micro account initiated with minimum deposit.


This new know-how has the newbies and previous failed traders who the foreign exchange neighborhood said trading just isn't for them to be really clone renegades in this trading business.

These developments are making experienced traders pretty upset because it took them years to get to where they're after burning many accounts and now in utter shock and disbelief they can not fathom just how straightforward it has turn out to be that anybody new entrant can trade like a professional even without understanding how forex works.


David Scwartz and his dream to assist many people who find themselves starting out in forex or are just not getting the outcomes they need to really clone his trades in actual time via his program dubbed Forex Ghost Trader .


Forex Ghost Trader is derived from the time period Ghost Writer. A Ghost writer is a person whose job it's to write material for another person who's the named author. As soon as they finish their writing they surrender their right over that work. Just like one can rent a ghost writer to write their autobiography but the writer stays a ghost and the work is claimed by somebody else.


On this respect David Schwartz might be your Ghost Trader allowing you to truly clone trades from his account and he will not claim authorship of your trades, neither will he want a lower of your profits. The trades, the history, the income stay yours a hundred%.


I do know this feels like a whole steal, as those that became forex renegades before 2008 a.k.a manual merchants can bear witness that technical buying and selling and fundamental analysis can drain your thoughts and bleed you dry. the truth is i've a Forex Guru who confessed to me just a few years back that Foreign currency trading is more durable than a day job and that i mustn't enterprise on the same except am able to dedicate 6 to 12 months of studying and making mistakes.


Now with such wonderful instruments and alternatives like Forex Ghost Trader arising it might be "completely mad" for any monetary investor who desires to work with their money to miss out on such an opportunity.


For a complete overview on pricing, reductions, person expertise, customer assist, billing and more check the officialForex Ghost Trader Review website.


Are you searching for a Forex Ghost Trader Review?Read more about Forex Ghost Trader

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ghost Hunting 101: Types of Hauntings

This is the first video in my series for aspiring paranormal investigators. The series will teach you all the basics of ghost hunting theories, techniques, equipment, and investigative techniques. The first entry will cover the three basic types of activity you may encounter in the field.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

GSI are called in to help a family who believe they have paranormal activity within there home, here with their permission are a few snippets from that nights investigation to the final conclusion.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Monday, August 13, 2012

Learn How to Plan Quality Charity Haunted Houses on a Budget

Learn How to Plan Quality Charity Haunted Houses on a Budget

Halloween is a special time and one that my family looks forward to each year. Our family even ran a charity haunted house for three years in a row. This can be a great way to make money for the charity of your choice, have fun, and bond with family and friends. It can also be stressful. Here are some tips and tricks to making your haunted house successful and not too stressful.

I learned these tips from personal experience and hope they help you out as you plan your haunt:

Be sure to have enough volunteers. It is key when planning a charity haunted house to secure plenty of volunteers. Also, plan out how many rooms you will have in your haunted house and try to schedule at least one volunteer per room. If you can schedule two volunteers per room, that is best. That way volunteers can chit chat between guests and not be bored. The more fun your volunteers have, the more likely they will keep coming back.Although this is a charity event and you are using volunteers, I do recommend creating a professional schedule and try to pin down what days volunteers can help. Most people understand you will need to create a real schedule in order for the event to work well.Buy some professional props and then make many other Halloween props to save money. One thing you do not want to do with a charity haunt is make the decorations so cheesy that it is laughable. You want to do everything possible to make your charity haunted house a real haunted house. That means buying some high-end professional haunted house props and Halloween decorations. However, you do not want to break the bank with Halloween decor either. After buying some professional haunt props, such as coffins, skeletons and Halloween animatronics, make the rest of the props.Gather friends and supporters of your haunted house project together and build coffins from cardboard and plywood. Tear up old shirts and rags to hang from the ceilings. You can even create many cool, cheap Halloween decorations from Styrofoam and paint them with spray paint. Be sure to use dark colors, such as black, gray and dark orange.Get the support of neighbors. One of the first things I did when we organized a charity haunted house years ago was knock on the doors of the neighbors next to where the haunt was planned. I believe it is important to alert the neighbors about the planned haunt; sweet talk them and get them on board early on. You could even invite the neighbors to help. That way they are part of the group and less likely to have a problem with any noise. Also, if a neighbor does have an objection you can find out early on and not on opening night.Advertise, advertise, advertise. I cannot stress this enough. It is important to treat a charity event as if it is a true business. That does not mean breaking your wallet to advertise. Many news outlets will donate advertising space for charities. Contact your local newspapers and newspapers in surrounding towns. Contact area radio stations, too. Like newspapers, some radio stations will donate air time for charity haunted houses. There is still merit to passing out flyers to promote your haunt, too. Fall festivals are wonderful opportunities to pass out flyers for your haunted house. Find out when your community has an autumn festival and prepare pamphlets for your haunt. Be sure to advertise your haunted house as a charity, too. Some patrons will visit your haunt simply because it is a charity event whether or not they even like haunted houses.One final suggestion I would give is to have a special room for little children at the haunted attraction. Make this room a place kids can play games, watch cartoons and take part in non-scary activities. Be sure to advertise this play area on flyers and in advertisements. Families with young children are more likely to attend your haunted house if there is something for little kids to do other than go through the haunted house.

I hope these tips help. One more thing to remember is to have fun while planning the haunt. If you enjoy what you are doing, it will show in your final design. Have fun, be scary and make money for your favorite charity.

Scott Faubion is one of the owners of Halloween Hill ( ), an online store that sells Halloween decorations, animated Halloween props, and handmade haunt items. These props are for use in haunted houses, home haunts, and amusement parks.

He also owns Awesome Angel Statues ( ). Scott invites readers to visit the site and shop for angelic statues and other inspirational statues.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Haunted Hotel Room Ghosts Spirits Demons caught on video REAL

Haunted Hotel Room After watching some of the videos I filmed after we got back from Disneyland I noticed something weird with this footage. Can you explain what went on? Paranormal activity ghosts demons spirts caught on film tape video footage scary weird Paranormal activity ghosts demons spirts caught on film tape video footage scary weird Paranormal activity ghosts demons spirts caught on film tape video footage scary weird Paranormal activity ghosts demons spirts caught on film tape video footage scary weird Paranormal activity ghosts demons spirts caught on film tape video footage scary weird Paranormal activity ghosts demons spirts caught on film tape video footage scary weird Paranormal activity ghosts demons spirts caught on film tape video footage scary weird
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Christians, What is a spirit? and why can't you see spirits?

Question by SoundOFThoughts: Christians, What is a spirit? and why can't you see spirits?
In reference to "God" and reference to "demons" "ghosts" all have been called spirits.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Which time period in America has the most recorded hauntings?

Question by : Which time period in America has the most recorded hauntings?
I'm doing a "haunted history" project and I need to find out which time period, like 80s, 90s etc, had the most "hauntings" in America. If you know anything I would be super appreciative!
Thanks! :)

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

ProphecyFilm1 Real Scary Ghosts Spirits And Demons Caught On Tape

Some scary poltergeist activity caught on tape. (The site I got this from said to download and share)
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hauntings In South Australia

A team of 4 set out to investigate the most haunted locations in South Australia. What they find is quite frightening! (All this is 100% REAL footage nothing has been edited here except for combining the scenes together.) Enjoy! and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

PUSCIFER Telling Ghosts

From the Puscifer Entertainment release "Conditions of My Parole." Shot by Tim Cadiente (Barton Perreira) and Meats Meier (3D Art Space) Edited by Mat Mitchell/Puscifer
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I do not own the rights to this song. I am posting as a fan of Mumford & Sons. After you listen please go buy their album off iTunes This brand new Mumford & Sons song "Ghosts That We Knew" or "Ghosts" (they don't even know) is phenomenal. Comment, like and enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Friday, July 13, 2012

From a religious perspective, what does it mean if I dream of "ghosts" and "demons"?

Question by Southern Thang: From a religious perspective, what does it mean if I dream of "ghosts" and "demons"?
Occassionaly, I will have dreams where ghosts are chasing me or I get that very uneasy feeling of a spirit or demon being around me... I dream of demons as well, what does this mean for me from a religious point of view?

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

What are some scientific explanations as to what "ghosts" actually are or could be?

Question by : What are some scientific explanations as to what "ghosts" actually are or could be?
I'm not looking for proof or evidence. I'm looking for theories. Also if the theory isn't your own, please site where the theory originated from. I tend to be skeptical on this subject but I'm not completely opposed to reasonable explanations as to what these supposed forces may be.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Atheists: what do you think people are really talking about when they speak of "hauntings"?

Question by : Atheists: what do you think people are really talking about when they speak of "hauntings"?

What do you think? Answer below!

Is there any technical or realistic explanation for the existence of "ghosts"?

Question by Mercury: Is there any technical or realistic explanation for the existence of "ghosts"?
Before you say "ghosts aren't real" let me just say "Duh!" Lol :) But, to be honest, the fact that people see the images of people ("ghosts") or experience unexplained phenomena is not up for discussion. That's just a fact, of course. But I'm curious if there is any explanation for these phenomena that creates the image of a person or their voice or "house hauntings" and such.
@Carolyn: I never said I didn't believe in spirits. Please do not assume where you have no grounds to.

Give your answer to this question below!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Detecting Ghosts Through Media - Film, Voice Recording, Motion Sensors, and Temperature Gauges

Detecting Ghosts Through Media - Film, Voice Recording, Motion Sensors, and Temperature Gauges

Though we have been capturing ghosts on film since the dawn of photography, the methods by which we are able to do this today has vastly improved, along with the technology of film.

Likewise, voice technology, since the invention of the telephone, has vastly improved, and there are some schools of thought that subscribe to EVP, or "Electronic Voice Phenomenon," which is performed, in essence, by tuning a radio to a "white noise" frequency (usually an AM station) and recording hours and hours of this "fuzz-noise" in the hopes of being able to pick up the voice of a ghost, a concept that many people heartily believe in and pursue quite readily.

It has also been observed and documented over the years that the "best times" (though not exclusively) to be able to contact a ghost are the early hours in the morning, around 3 a.m., and again, 12 hours later, at 3 p.m. in the afternoon - scientific studies have revealed that both of these times are ideal to "catch ghosts" in their activities because these times reflect the minimum of barometric pressure in the double daily wave, plus the minimum of air movement near the ground, along with a minimum of "oscillations" in terrestrial magnetism. During these times, explored and discovered by Dr. Gunther Wachsmuth in his meteorological book, Earth and Man, there is a great amount of conductivity of the vertical electric current on earth, and of radioactivity in the layers nearest the ground. And because ghosts, like all things, are composed entirely of pure energy, it makes good, common sense to conclude that they will definitely be more active and accessible to us at those time gradients.

There are a few different areas of thought on the subject of how to capture ghosts in a medium by which we can view or go over later for further study, and just to cover all the bases, we'll include all of them here; what might work well for one person may not do the trick for another, so it is safe to try any or all of these methods:

1) Working With Film and Camera Equipment

In today's state-of-the-art technology, though there are many different ways in which to measure a ghost's activity; the most popular among these is the camera.

High-speed, color film used on either a 35-mm or digital camera will produce good results, as will Polaroid film. Many, many photos of orbs and streaks of white that were not seen by the naked eye when the photos were taken have appeared in Polaroid shots, so just because those are not the "latest and the greatest" of our cameras today, don't put them on the shelf just yet. It's best to use two cameras; if you're going with a team of four or five people, of course, this is much easier to handle; one person can load a 35-mm camera with 400 ASA color print film, and another can shoot with a digital camera. Another good way to capture images of ghosts is with black-and white film, and the use of a tripod is an excellent luxury, but often one that the average ghost-hunting team won't be able to carry around very easily. Use the cameras sparingly, but actively when you sense a ghostly presence or an energy; at these times, you should simply point and shoot, point and shoot, repeatedly, when you feel you have come upon a possible ghost. You should be prepared to go through many, many rolls of film because often, only one or two in 200 photos will actually catch the ghost on film. Remember, they move very quickly and can appear and reappear in the blink of an eye, so make sure you stay on high alert at all times!

2) How To Use Motion Detectors

Before "pointing and shooting," however, there are other technical devices you should have on hand to be able to detect motion and temperature, which should keep you from wasting too much film.

One important piece of equipment is a gaussmeter, which is designed to register deviations in electromagnetic fields. Another is the sound level meter, which is designed to measure the intensity of audio generated from either below or above the human audio range. Yet another very helpful device is a digital thermometer, which measures even the most delicate and slight temperature fluctuations.

Also, don't forget the old, trusty tape recorder - magnetic tape, as discussed earlier in this book, will also pick up audio sounds not detectable to the human ear, and you don't have to spend a great deal on money on a good tape recorder that will provide a digital analysis of sound.

When you begin to investigate what you believe to be a haunted place, it's best to start with the electromagnetic field reader, or "EMF" device. You can go from room to room, scanning for any abnormalities - and, most importantly, for reasonable explanations to these abnormal readings, such as any electrical device that gives off a "reading," sending the sensor shooting way up. If you do eliminate all other reasonable possibilities of an irregular or "abnormal" reading, then point and shoot! It's also a good idea to have another person in the group test the air temperature; if it drops dramatically in one spot or area in the room, that's your second "clue" that you may have indeed found a ghost.

EMF meters like these are not unique or hard to find; they are available in most electronics stores and can be bought right off the shelf. In particular, however, some units are more desirable than others for these purposes. An EMF detector that has a range of zero to 199.9 milligauss operates on a 9-volt battery and is small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket. Remember that large appliances, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, fish tanks, etc., will generate a very strong EMF reading, giving you a "false-positive," so take those precautions discussed earlier to ensure that you're not just detecting a vacuum cleaner! Watch the screen to determine when and if a reading greater than 1.0 milligauss is obtained; this, without any outside electrical interference, could indicate the presence of a ghost. However, one could get that same reading and watch it immediately drop below the 1.0 milligauss level, which would indicate that the operator of the device may have scanned a ghost moving across the room. These are very sensitive instruments, and great care and patience is needed to be able to arrive at good, verifiable conclusions, so set aside as much time as possible to spend in the areas that you may feel are vulnerable or high in ghostly activity.

3) Using Audio Equipment

Going back to the ghost "voice" phenomenon discussed in Chapter 3, also referred to as the "phantom voice," these are events in which a ghost seems to be able to speak to us through an electronic medium; it is able to manipulate the machine in such a way so that it reproduces a sound as similar to what we understand and interpret as a "voice," but it does not call and leave a more lengthy message, etc., because a ghost does not have a voice, as we do; again, ghosts use thought patterns to transmit their energies and manipulate them in various ways through several electronic mediums, and this is just one of the ways in which they can accomplish that. The ghostly "voice" is below or above the human range of hearing, which is the reason that an animal, such as a dog or a cat will be able to "hear" the voices, such as they are, whereas we cannot. For example, a dog can easily hear a dog whistle, but when we blow on it, we hear no sound - it is the same principle.

The sound device that is best used to pick up ghostly "mutterings" is a simple, small, analog sound meter, similar to the EMF, which also uses a 9-volt battery and when scanned around a room, has a sensitive needle inside which will suddenly "spark" if ghostly sounds are detected. Watch the intensity meter for minor needle movement while the analog sound level meter is set on the lowest scale possible. Then, if you see needle movements, slowly scan the meter around the room until the signal is increased. The needle will then "flutter" lightly back and forth, and it is at this point when photographs should be taken, and a tape recorder should be activated as well to tape any sounds not detectable by the human ear but that can be picked up via magnetic tape and analyzed later.

4) What is a "Cold Spot?"

Another very reliable method of detecting a ghost's presence is with a digital thermometer. Investigators have documented many cases in which a narrow column of cold air rises from the floor to the ceiling of a room - the investigator can pass their hands through this column, which always appears to be very narrow. When they do so, they have reported feeling a "chill" or a definite "shift" in temperature relative to the rest of the room. This indicates a ghostly presence. But the question remains: Does the "cold spot" create the chills that people feel when their hair is electrified and literally "stands on end?" Does their hair stand on end due to the electromagnetic charge the ghost gives off by its very presence in the room?

Because we already know that ghosts use our energy to insinuate themselves into our earth plane, it would be safe to say that this is the case, and that we may be able to soon prove that ghosts enter our plane via a very narrow type of "vortex" or "funnel" instead of just "plopping down," or "landing" carelessly somewhere.

It could be, and it is still being debated today, that the swirling energy vortex through which ghosts make their presence known is the actual source of the column that produces the cold air and the resulting electrical discharge. Photographs that have been taken of these swirling energy vortexes indicate that this energy apparently has matter, or density, to it, because it reflects light (we are able to photograph it, hence it reflects light) and becauseit also casts a shadow.

Anyone interested in trying their luck at becoming a ghost hunter can start building their ghost-hunting tool bag with simple, yet effective tools. There are two items that are "must-haves": a 35-mm with 400 ASA color or black-and white film, or a digital camera; and a standard magnetic compass for detecting a ghost's energies. The compass should be used as a directional finder, using the needle to point to the ghost's energy. Even with these simple tools, you'll be well on your way to some happy ghost hunting!

Horatiu A. Davidescu,

Ghost Hunter - []

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? If so, why?

Question by : Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? If so, why?
This is just out of curiostiy. :p Don't just put "yes" or "no," leave reasons why. By spirits, I mean any kind of spirit: angel, demon, "elementals," doppelgangers, poltergeists...anything that can classify as a "spirit," save the "human spirit."

As for myself, I don't personally believe in spirits or ghosts, but I'm not going to rule out their existence necessarily. I just don't really believe in them, but if there was concrete evidence, I might be more willing to believe in their existence.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Truly Frightening Ghost Hauntings • Demons and Spirits ^ Evil Beyond the Grave * HD

Ghosts, demons, phantoms & poltergeists. Not meant for little children. Do not watch before going to sleep.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Q&A: question about supposed "house hauntings"?

Question by : question about supposed "house hauntings"?
There are SO many people who claim to experience these, with ranging "severity". So if we take the skeptic's route and state they are in fact not REALLY hauntings (not actually spirits, ghosts, demons, etc)- then what IS happening to these people?

what goes on in their brain to make them think these things happen? What are they ACTUALLY experiencing, then perceiving as a haunting?
To the second guy, I truly respect your perspective. I agree with you fully.

Please leave your comments!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Scariest Places on Earth - Most Haunted Prisons

The Scariest Places on Earth - Most Haunted Prisons

When evaluating the scariest places on Earth, I have discovered that the most haunted prisons seem to be most appealing to the individual who is a ghost hunter at heart. True ghost stories, detailed ghost pictures, frightening ghost videos, and unexplained phenomenon are just a few traces of evidence that surround these haunted structures known for misery and confinement. Here, you will learn about some of the most haunted prisons that I have stumbled upon in much personal research. The spooky tales and frightening evidence surrounding these prisons will outline why many refer to them as the scariest places on Earth!

Eastern State Penitentiary

The first haunted prison that we will review is Eastern State Penitentiary. This particular prison was opened in the year of 1829 in Philadelphia. Prior to the opening of this establishment, the jail on Walnut Street in the area housed individuals who were found to be crime committers. The Quakers of the time established the fact that some major changes needed to occur when it came to incarceration methods. It was established by this particular group of individuals who when an individual broke the laws, they should endure a period of "penitence". This group believed that being confined in a solitary manner could assist in this time of penitence.

This prison was constructed to reflect the beliefs that confinement and silence by the Quakers could benefit the inmates, as well as society on the whole. Each criminal who entered this facility was issued their own room, as well as their own small outside area. The individuals were not permitted to interact with any other inmate while serving their time at Eastern State Penitentiary. Silence was imperative at this prison. Inmates were not allowed to talk, sing, read, or communicate in any other manner. If the individuals failed to adhere to these rules, they were punished and were not permitted to have any type of food or drink.

While the Quakers had a sound concept in mind, and believed that there would be little need to punish outside of the confinement and solitude, the staff of the prison thought otherwise. As prisoners reached out to communicate with others, new ways of punishing them were implemented and the methods were relatively harsh. These methods included using a straight jacket, a device called a "mad chair" in which they could be strapped for days, "water baths" that occurred mostly in the winter months where the inmates would be drenched with cold water and chained to a chair for many days, and the "iron gag". The iron gag involved tying the tongue of the inmate and then attaching it to the hands behind the back. When the hands were moved, it would pull and tear the tongue.

Many prisoners died while at their stay at the Eastern State Penitentiary. It is believed that the tortured souls of these individuals still roam the haunted prison, only they are not as silent. The average visitor to this haunted prison is likely to hear noises that are chilling to the bone, like screams and cries that display sadness and despair, and a relatively high amount of anguish. Many have actually seen apparitions that appear to be residual hauntings, of the ways in which the inmates were tortured, just like it is happening in the presence. The negative and emotional energy created at this haunted prison definitely qualify it as one of the scariest places on Earth today.

Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary

The Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary is also considered to be one of the scariest places on Earth. This haunted prison has had a number of sightings, and frightening experiences. As you approach this immense structure, you are likely to be taken back by the spooky, gothic building style that was used to create the facility. Constructed in the year of 1866, on the outer area of a place called "Moundsville", this spooky prison housed several different individuals for a period of about one hundred and twenty nine years. A good majority of these individuals lost their lives while staying at the prison. There were some who died of natural causes, others who died due to the shear violence, and many others who were actually executed in the prison.

It is believed, at one point in history, an ancient burial ground for Native Americans stood on the property where Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary was constructed. This is, in all actuality, how "Moundsville" got its name. The purpose and intent of the facility was to house the most dangerous criminals of the time. This prison also housed women prisoners as well as men prisoners. One of the main things that played an important role in this particular prison was that it actually had what was called a "Death House". Throughout the history of the prison, individuals were executed here - typically, by hangings, and then eventually by an electric chair.

There have been a number of scary tales to circulate regarding this particular haunted prison. The violence, the torture, and of course, the murders and suicides that were experienced in this haunted prison all account to the tales that circulate of ominous ghosts and evil spirits. It is not unusual to hear footsteps approaching from an unknown source, frightening noises echoing off of the walls of the structure, screams and cries emerging from every direction, and even an occasional apparition.

Mansfield Reformatory

The Mansfield Reformatory is another haunted prison that is believed to be one of the scariest places on Earth. In the year of 1896, this structure was established in order to provide a location that boys who were sent to be reformed could be completely turned around - in a spiritual way. Unfortunately, things did not work out as well as the original creators may have thought that they would. Stories of torture, despair, sadness, and death have been circulated for years. As a result of these gruesome stories, it is believed that a number of hauntings have occurred at the Mansfield Reformatory. Here, I will share some of the haunting tales of this haunted prison.

One of the main stories of a haunting in this prison occurs in the wing where administration serves. At one point in history, a Warden's wife lived in this area with her husband. She was trying to retrieve something from the close when a gun fell and a bullet entered her chest. She died, and many claimed that the Warden actually killed her, despite the fact that evidence pointed a different direction. Approximately ten years later, the Warden had a heart attack and he passed away. It is believed that the couple still resides in the establishment as ghosts. Scents of roses in the air, as well as cold, ghostly breezes and apparitions have been spotted in this wing.

Many individuals who have visited this haunted prison have had accounts of hearing strange noises, seeing apparitions, smelling unusual scents, and hearing conversations and even screams while there. The lingering sadness and evil seem to linger in every area at the Mansfield Reformatory - both inside and out!

Rawlings Frontier Prison

The Rawlings Frontier Prison is considered to be one of the scariest places on Earth as well. This haunted prison is located in Rawlings, Wyoming. Many individuals refer to this establishment as "The Old Pen". Several different accounts of hauntings have been experienced at this particular prison. There seems to be a number of residual hauntings that occur in and around the structure. The spirits that many witnesses have viewed do not seem to actually be aware of the presence of the living. Residual hauntings are more less high levels of energy that are located in certain places. The living sees this energy, or "recording" and it is referred to as a haunting.

While there are many residual type hauntings at the Rawlings Frontier Prison, there are several other types of activities that occur in and around the facility. These include strange smells, devastating wails, screams, and feelings of immense fear, hot spots, cold spots, and more. Several ghost pictures, and ghost videos have been taken here to establish the fact that these are real ghost stories


As you can see, there are several haunted prisons that are deemed as the scariest places on Earth. If you want to experience these hauntings yourself, these establishments allow tours and more! Plan your trip to the scariest places on Earth - the haunted prisons mentioned here!

To discover more haunted places that you can visit check out Haunted Places To Go!

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