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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Picking up from my last post which provided a biblical basis for why we think an extraterrestrial revelation uniquely explains the comprehensive scope of the predicted end time deception, this post will offer discussion of the UFO phenomenon. Jesus ... more
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Friday, February 8, 2013

“UFO's are REAL!” could be the focus of Disney's upcoming Tomorrowland? - Behind The Thrills (blog)

UFO's are REAL!” could be the focus of Disney's upcoming Tomorrowland?
Behind The Thrills (blog)
That was going to be the name of the series, and in it the government would use Disney to tell us about these UFO's. Okay, take a minute to digest all of that. The military, and government of these United States knows that UFO's are real, and are going ... more
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pondering UFOs and Easter bunnies - Amherst Bulletin

Pondering UFOs and Easter bunnies
Amherst Bulletin
I was driving with my daughter the other night when I saw something curious fly right over the road near the Amherst landfill on the outskirts of town. “That is one weird plane,” I said, referring to the cargo planes that we see all the time flying ... more
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

UFOs Over Cape Coral, Fla. Are Still Looking For An Explanation - Huffington Post

UFOs Over Cape Coral, Fla. Are Still Looking For An Explanation
Huffington Post
Theories on what the unusual lights might be range from water reflections in the sky to aliens to another more probable explanation, and one very often mistaken for UFOs: sky lanterns. "We reached out to the MUFON organization, the Mutual UFO Network, ...

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UFOs Over Florida? - KSEE

UFOs Over Florida?
The Mutual UFO network, which tracks suspicious sightings, says many recent reports could be explained by sky lanterns. The increasingly popular contraption uses hot air to float high into the sky. At Fort Myers' American Discount Firework, store owner ...

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Possible UFOs over Denver

By Mike Krumboltz | The Sideshow

Straight out of the X Files comes this clip from Denver's Fox 31. Last week, a viewer sent the station a video of something ... something spooky. A flying object was buzzing in the sky, and it looked like maybe it was carrying little green men.

Was it really a UFO? Suspecting the clip was a prank, the TV station sent out its own photojournalist to see if he could document the same weirdness on his own. Guess what? He did.

Fox 31 aired the footage and interviewed several experts in the field. None could identify the flying object. Aviation expert Steve Cowell told Fox 31's investigative reporter Heidi Hemmat, "That is not an airplane, that is not a helicopter, those are not birds, I can't identify it." Cowell, while mystified, did come up with a less mysterious possibility. "Perhaps there is some sort of debris that is being raised by atmospheric winds."

The New York Daily News quotes UFO expert Robert Sheaffer, author of "UFO Sightings." On his blog, Sheaffer writes, "The 'UFOs' appear at least several times a week [for months], we are told, usually around noon to 1 PM. Most flying insects become more active during the warmest part of the day."

Discovery News writer Benjamin Radford thinks bugs are likely the answer. "There are many obvious holes in the spacecraft explanation, not the least of which is that it's amazing that no one in Denver apparently noticed the extraterrestrial spacecraft launching and landing in the skies over the downtown area in the middle of the day. The most likely explanation? A bug or insect, probably a fly or bee."

Check out the clip and judge for yourself. Sure, it's probably a bug, but we much prefer the idea of aliens dropping by (the "E.T." kind, not the "Alien" kind).

Friday, October 19, 2012

UFO Sighting Associated With Dead Birds? -

is very clear and very specific. I've shown it to other people and some people have suggested it might be an unusual cloud formation, but the perimeter is very clear and I don't think that's the case.

"What's really strange is that the day Calum took this picture I discovered about ten dead birds in my garden, the back and the front. They were sparrows and blackbirds. It could just be a co-incidence but the discovery of dead birds is associated with sightings of

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

On-Going UFO Sightings in Otway, NC - Sep. 21, 2012 "The unidentified flying object was sighted Tuesday and Wednesday night over Otway, which is near Beaufort in Carteret County. Witnesses describe the object as six orange glowing lights that rotate into a V-shape, then slowly disappear. "It was six lights in a straight line (that were) above everything else," Otway resident Jonathon Willis said. Willis said his friends first spotted the object Tuesday. "I didn't really believe it at first, but last night proved me wrong," Willis said. "Something is out there." According to base officials at MCAS Cherry Point, MAW squadrons participate in night flights that sometimes involve illumination exercises. The training includes slow moving flares that could appear to "hover" as they glide down, First Lt. Hector Alejandro wrote in an e-mail to Newschannel 12. Alejandro said the training is performed on ranges, but could be seen from areas as far as Otway. Despite the explanation, some residents still attribute the sightings to extraterrestrial life." Read more:
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Q&A: Is there such thing as aliens?

Question by Cheyene: Is there such thing as aliens?
Is so, give me proof, other then stupid "UFO sightings" actual, hard not to believe proof.

Give your answer to this question below!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Do you think we'll meet intelligent extraterrestrials within the next decade?

Question by pic_exec: Do you think we'll meet intelligent extraterrestrials within the next decade?
I believe the increased "sightings" of UFOs might propel us towards meeting other intelligent life, not of this planet.

Please leave your comments!

Friday, September 28, 2012

UFO or Lens Flare in Google Street View? You Decide - ABC News (blog)

ABC News (blog)

UFO or Lens Flare in Google Street View? You Decide
ABC News (blog)
Google Maps helps many people do various things, but tracking UFOs might be a new one. Andrea Dove contacted ABC News affiliate KLTV in East Texas with an interesting tip. Dove was using Google Maps to get directions to visit her aunt in Jacksonville, ...
Google Maps shows UFO over Jacksonville, Texas (photo)
Mystery of two identical UFO's almost 1000 miles apart caught on Google Street ...Daily Mail
UFO visible on Google Maps?
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Disc UFO reported under 500 feet over West Hollywood -

Disc UFO reported under 500 feet over West Hollywood
Two California witnesses standing outside at a West Hollywood motel report watching a silent, "yellow-ish, disc-shaped object" under 500 feet, according to September 20, 2012, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
UFO activity over Niagara Falls reinforces testimony on aliensCanadian National Newspaper

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UFO activity over Niagara Falls reinforces testimony on aliens -

UFO activity over Niagara Falls reinforces testimony on aliens
A witness reports UFO activity over Niagara Falls, Canada on 11 September 2012 according to testimony documented on UFO Sightings Daily that was published on 19 September 2012. The report reinforces allegations of a military base under Lake Ontario ...

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best Evidence - Top 10 UFO Cases - Feature Film

A look at ten of the best evidence UFO cases of all time, as chosen by a group of the world's most prominent UFO researchers.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Three UFOs Filmed Over Beverly Hills -

Three UFOs Filmed Over Beverly Hills
Startling footage of three UFO lights hovering the skies above Los Angeles is raising some interesting questions. Does this video prove the existence of aliens? And if so, why are the extraterrestrials monitoring Beverly Hills, of all places? The two ...
Incredible NASA UFOs "Join Us and Live in Peace?"allvoices

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

UFO Sightings Eyewitnesses Stunned! Watch What Happens Next Watch Now! July 9 2012

UFO Sightings Leave Eyewitnesses Stunned! Family Enjoys Park Watch What Happens Next Watch Now! UFOs This footage just into Thirdphaseofmoon we will keep you updated! Subscribe Now! increíble vídeo que encontré en la red, de un clarisimo ovni

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NASA RBSP Rocket Buzzed By UFO 2012 HD

Strange object highlighted with a filter, that seems to get very close to the RBSP Rocket, launched at Cape Canaveral AFS on Aug. 30, 2012. Alien Bio Humanoid Found On Mars? 2012 HD Mars Curiosity Anomalies 2012 HD Weird Anomolies Captured By Mars Curiosity 2012 HD 4 UFOs Caught By Mars Curiosity? 2012 HD UFOs Observe Mars Curiosity Rover? 2012 HD ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do UFO's really exsist or are they just a figment of the imagination?

Question by cowgirl87_87: Do UFO's really exsist or are they just a figment of the imagination?
There have been many "sightings" of UFO's or strange lights but none have really been proven( i.e. The Pheonix lights in '97). So is it just a government cover-up, imaginary or do they really exist?

Please leave your comments!

UFO (Festival) touches down in Exeter -

Student Operated Press

UFO (Festival) touches down in Exeter
Catherine and her brother, Thomas Lyons, 3, came with their mother, Kristin Lyons, to the fourth annual Exeter UFO Festival. Thomas made a spaceship that "transported" his sister to the event from Hampton. The duo won first prize in the costume contest ...
Out of this world: UFO Festival visits downtown ExeterFoster's Daily Democrat
UFO Festival Invades Downtown
UFO party draws crowd to ExeterThe Union Leader -Student Operated Press
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flying Saucer and UFO Encounters

Flying Saucer and UFO Encounters

The UFO story originated not long after June 24, 1947, when many newspapers in the USA published the first sighting of the "flying saucer".

The story told how nine very bright, disk-shaped objects were seen by Kenneth Arnold, a Boise, Idaho, businessman, while he was flying his private plane near Mount Rainier, in the state of Washington. Now supported by a journalistic license, reporters took Arnold's original description of the individual motion of each object, "like a saucer skipping across water," and rephrased it to: "flying saucer," referring to the objects themselves.

Many years have passed since Arnold's memorable sighting, and the phrase has become so common that an entry was made in Webster's Dictionary, and it is recognized today in most languages throughout the world.

For a while after the Arnold sighting, the term "flying saucer" was used to describe all disk-shaped objects that were seen flashing through the sky at fantastic speeds. Before long, reports were made of objects other than disks, and these were also called flying saucers. Today the words are popularly applied to anything seen in the sky that cannot be identified as a common, everyday object.

In other words, a flying saucer can be a formation of bright lights, a single light, a sphere, or some other shape; and it can be any color. Performance wise, flying saucers can hover, go fast or slow, go high or low, turn 90-degree corners, or even, apparently, disappear almost instantaneously.

Clearly the term "flying saucer" is open to interpretation when objects of every imaginable shape and performance are labeled as such. This is why the military preference is the more general, although less colorful, name: unidentified flying objects. UFO (pronounced Yoo-foe) for short.

Officially the military uses the term "flying saucer" on only two occasions. First in an explanatory sense, as when briefing people who are unacquainted with the term "UFO": "UFO, you know, flying saucers." And second in a derogatory sense, for purposes of ridicule, as when it is observed, "He says he saw a flying saucer."

This second form of usage is the exclusive property of those persons who positively know that all UFOs are nonsense. Fortunately, if only as a matter of courtesy, those in this category are reducing in number. One by one these people drop out, starting with the instant they see their first UFO!

Some weeks after the first UFO was seen on June 24, 1947, the Air Force established a project to investigate and analyze all UFO reports. When the project first began, opinions ranged from near panic, to total derision for anyone who dared to even mentioned the words "flying saucer."

This contemptuous attitude toward "flying saucer nuts" prevailed from mid-1949 to mid-1950. During that interval many of the people who were, or had been, associated with the project believed that the public was suffering from "war nerves."

Early in 1950 the project, for all practical purposes, was closed out; at least it rated only minimum effort. Those in power now reasoned that if you didn't mention the words "flying saucers" the people would forget them and the saucers would go away. But this reasoning was false, for instead of vanishing, the quality of the UFO reports improved.

From airline pilots, to military pilots, generals, scientists, and dozens of other people, reports continued of UFO sightings, now in more detail than previously. Radars, which were being built for air defense, began to pick up some very unusual targets, thus lending technical corroboration to the unsubstantiated claims of human observers.

As a result of the continuing accumulation of more impressive UFO reports, official interest stirred. Early in 1951 verbal orders came down from Major General Charles P. Cabell, then Director of Intelligence for Headquarters, U.S. Air Force, to make a study reviewing the UFO situation for Air Force Headquarters.

The study was headed up by "EJR", who possessed impeccable credentials, and supervised until late in 1953. EJR served as a B-29 bombardier and radar operator, during the Second World War. He restarted college after the war, and before long, gained his aeronautical engineering degree. To keep his reserve status while in school, he flew as a navigator in an Air Force Reserve Troop Carrier Wing.

While compiling the report, EJR and members of his staff traveled close to half a million miles. They investigated in depth dozens of UFO reports, and read and analyzed several thousand more. These included every report the Air Force had ever received.

There were ten regular staff on the investigation plus many paid consultants representing every field of science. All had Top Secret security clearances so that security was no block in our investigations. This organization was made up of a reporting network consisting of every Air Force base intelligence officer and every Air Force radar station in the world, together with the Ground Observer Corps of the Air Defense Command. Reports were collected on every conceivable type of UFO, by every conceivable type of person. What did these people actually see when they reported a UFO? Putting aside truly unidentifiable flying objects, for the present, this question has several answers.

Often it has been positively proved that people have reported balloons, airplanes, stars, and many other common objects as UFOs. The people who make such reports don't recognize these common objects because something in their surroundings temporarily assumes an unfamiliar appearance.

Unusual lighting conditions are a common cause of such illusions. A balloon will glow like a "ball of fire" just at sunset. Or an airplane that is not visible to the naked eye suddenly starts to reflect the sun's rays and appears to be a "silver ball". Pilots in F-94 jet interceptors chase Venus in the daytime and fight with balloons at night, and people in Los Angeles see weird lights.

So did the investigation prove that UFOs exist? The hassle over the word "proof" boils down to one question: What constitutes proof? Is a UFO required to land at the River Entrance to the Pentagon, in front of the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Or is it proof when a ground radar station detects a UFO, sends a jet to intercept it, the jet pilot sees it, and locks on with his radar, only to have the UFO streak away at a phenomenal speed? Is it proof when a jet pilot fires at a UFO and sticks to his story even under the threat of court-martial? Does this constitute proof?

You must decide for yourself.

How real are UFOs? What actually is a UFO? How credible is the evidence? "Project Blue Book" a fascinating and authoritative e-book about unidentified flying objects. (UFOs). Not merely an e-book; it is a report, and is the first time ever that anyone, either military or civilian, has assembled into one document the complete facts about this fascinating subject. Learn more at Secret UFO Reports

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