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Monday, February 4, 2013

Couple Wins The Lottery - Twice!

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An Arkansas couple who set out for a day of fishing came home with quite the fish story: Two winning lottery tickets, including a $1 million prize.

The Arkansas Lottery Commission says Stephen and Terri Weaver were on a fishing trip when they stopped to buy the first ticket at T-Ricks convenience store in Pangburn, about 60 miles northeast of Little Rock. They stopped at the same store on their way home and bought another ticket.

That first ticket turned out to be a $1 million winner. And the second one netted the couple another $50,000.

The lottery commission says the Weavers claimed their cash Monday and that they plan to pay bills and invest in their retirement.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

200-Million-Year-Old Cocoon with Bizarre Creature Inside

By Jeanna Bryner LiveScience Managing Editor

About 200 million years ago, a leech released a slimy mucous cocoon that unwittingly encased and trapped a bizarre animal with a springy tail, preserving it until researchers discovered the teardrop-shaped creature in Antarctica recently.

The cocoon looks like those produced by living leeches, such as the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis. Encased inside was a bell animal that looked similar to species in the genus Vorticella; its body extends 25 microns (about the width of some human hairs) with a tightly coiled stalk about twice that long. And like all eurkaryotes, the organism was equipped with a nucleus -- in this case, a large horseshoe-shaped nucleus inside the main body. (A micron is one-millionth of a meter.)

This bell animal lived during the Late Triassic Period, when the Earth was much warmer, with dense rain forests flourishing along what is today the Transantarctic Mountain Range where it was found. At the time, Antarctica was part of the supercontinent Gondwana, though it was still located at high latitudes.

Past research has suggested this coiled stalk, which is used to attach to substrates, may be one of the fastest cellular engines known, changing from a telephone wire-like structure to a tight coil at a speed of about 8 centimeters (3.1 inches) per second -- the equivalent of a human being walking the across more than three football fields in one second. [See Photos of the Bizarre Vorticella Creature]

Preserving soft tissue

Possibly even more amazing is the fact that this soft-bodied, microscopic creature survived the vagaries of time. Preserving a soft-bodied organism like this one for so long is tricky and requires some outside intervention to keep the tissues from degrading. In this case, rather than tree resin (called amber when hardened) that preserved dino DNA in the bellies of amber-trapped mosquitoes in "Jurassic Park," a mucous cocoon did the trick.

"This preservation is quite bizarre, but soft-bodied organisms cannot usually become fossilized unless they are rapidly entombed in a medium that prevents further decay," study researcher and paleobotanist Benjamin Bomfleur, of the Biodiversity Institute at the University of Kansas, told LiveScience.

Here's how the researchers think the hasty preservation took place: "A leech secreted a mucous cocoon that was deposited under water or in wet leaf litter, somewhere in a river system which lay in present-day Antarctica," Bomfleur said. This bell animal must have used its long, rapidly contracting stalk to attach itself to the cocoon soon after, becoming trapped and completely encased by the still-slimy cocoon, which hardened over hours to days.

"The cocoon with the such-enclosed bell animal then was deposited in mud that over time turned into the sedimentary layer where we found it some 200 million years later," Bomfleur explained.

The only other example of this type of preservation comes from a 125-million-year-old cocoon encasing a nematode worm and discovered in Svalbard.

Identifying the bizarre creature

When Bomfleur first noticed the tiny animal in samples he'd collected from Antarctica, he didn't know what he was looking at and didn't have time to consult with an expert in such microfossils, as he was working on his doctoral degree.

"Later this year, however, I finally found the time to look for someone with an expertise on freshwater microorganisms in order to get an expert opinion on the thing," Bomfleur said, adding he contacted Ojvind Moestrup of the University of Copenhagen.

Bomfleur recalled Moestrup looking at the fossil and saying, "It is often very hard or impossible to identify microfossils, but this one was easy. It is the ciliate Vorticella and the helical structure is the stalk."

Bomfleur and his colleagues detailed their research this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Photo: About 200 million years ago, a leech released a slimy mucous cocoon that unwittingly encased and trapped a bizarre animal with a springy tail. Credit: Benjamin Bomfleur

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Giant Gang Member Tries To Kidnap Little Boy

Victor Joseph Espinoza, a 425-pound gang member with an equally large rap sheet, is a accused of attempting to kidnap a 10-year-old boy on his way to soccer practice Friday evening, KABC reports.

Police in Santa Ana, Calif., said that Espinoza, 55, allegedly approached the boy and his 19-year-old cousin as they were walking to a local park. Espinoza grabbed the boy by both arms and pulled him close to his body. The boy managed to break free after a struggle, and ran to alert his soccer coach, who went looking for Espinoza.

"The little boy came crying at me, saying that man wanted to take him. He said that he grabbed him and he started smelling him," the coach, who wished to remain anonymous, told ABC Los Angeles. "I'm a parent, I worry about my kids, and I thought that I had to do something."

According to CBS Los Angeles, the coach found Espinoza by a bike trail, confronted him, and attempted to restrain him, but the suspect escaped.

In infrared footage from a police helicopter, Espinoza can be seen crouching under a tree in the backyard of a nearby home shortly before police arrest him.

KCAL reported that the abduction attempt happened in a well-lit park with many parents and soccer players around, and that Espinoza had attempted to abduct another child, a girl, earlier that evening. She also got away.

Santa Ana police office Antony Bertagna described Espinoza to ABC News as an "old school, old time gangster" with more than 60 prior arrests over 30 years. Some of Espinoza's prior arrests include drug possession, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder, according to Bertagna.

Espinoza is being held on $ 100,000 bail, and faces charges of false imprisonment, child annoyance, and added charges since he is a known gang member.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

VERY Bad Cop: Sergeant Gets In Trouble Over Racy Photos

She was not in uniform when she committed the offense.

Stacey Suro, 42, has been relieved of her duty as a sergeant with the Houston Police Department after officials discovered an assortment of risque photos Suro had allegedly posted online, KPRC reports.

Suro had over 100 photos of herself on her Model Mayhem page, some featuring her in revealing outfits and others showing her nude. Some of the photographs involved fetish and bondage content, according to the network's website.

Until the investigation is complete, the department cannot say whether or not Suro will be fired.

Click here to investigate the photos yourself.

Suro is not the first woman whose sex appeal has caused her grief at work.

In July, ex-porn star Harmony Rose came under fire for her previous career when she began training as an EMT.

The month before, former FBI administrative specialist Erika Bonilla filed a lawsuit against the agency, saying she was discriminated, in part, because "several co-workers were jealous of her appearance."

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The 5 Most Ridiculously Unnecessary Modern Inventions

They say necessity is the mother of invention. What they neglect to mention is that invention's dad is a moron and he sometimes pops by the house with a new piece of shit idea that's so staggeringly awful that he takes your silent awe as approval when in fact you're trying to think of a new way to say "What the fuck?" that is at once louder and more vulgar, and somehow requires the assistance of noted scholars and theologians.

People invent awful stuff all the time, and while there were a lot of really kitschy patents around the turn of the last century, you'd think that the dumb idea bank would be getting full up in modern times. But it looks like there's still room for people to squeeze one or two new turds through.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Isolated Amazon Tribe Massacre Mystery

IROTATHERI, Venezuela -- Venezuelan officials and journalists investigating reports of a possible massacre in a remote indigenous village in the Amazon have found people peacefully cooking plantains over a communal fire, and no sign of any killings.

Yanomami Indians in the village of Irotatheri spoke with journalists through a guide, who translated their accounts that there had been no violence. The government flew in journalists by helicopter Friday after a report of killings in the community by an indigenous group.

The villagers stood and watched in apparent amazement as the helicopter passed over their huts and landed nearby in a clearing. Women in the village carried their babies in slings, and people of all ages had their lips bulging with tobacco leaves that they stuff into their mouths and keep there without chewing throughout the day.

Leaders of the Horonami Yanomami Organization released a statement late last month saying that people from a nearby village had visited Irotatheri and reported a mass killing of unknown proportions in early July.

About 40 people live in Irotatheri, a collection of huts that officials say is 19 kilometers (12 miles) from the border with Brazil.

The villagers still largely keep to their traditional ways, wearing face paint and loincloths. But government officials who reached the village ahead of the journalists brought the people T-shirts to cover themselves, and also brought hammocks and cooking pots, which the Yanomami quickly accepted.

Officials gave them pasta and dried manioc that they could cook in their new pots, and also handed them their first spoons.

A doctor traveled with the group and was providing check-ups. Many people in the village were treated for skin ailments and conjunctivitis.

The villagers performed a dance for the visitors, holding bows and arrows.

The Yanomami are one of the largest isolated indigenous groups in the Amazon, with a population estimated at roughly 30,000 on both sides of the Venezuela-Brazil border.

The Yanomami have often had to contend with Brazilian gold miners, who for years have crossed into Venezuela and torn up the forest, leaving water laced with mercury. But military officials who reached the village said that patrols in the area had found no miners.

The government is providing the community with a radio so it communicate with the authorities if they have problems. Two men from the village climbed aboard a helicopter for the first time and flew to a nearby military outpost in La Esmeralda to learn how to use the radio system.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

2 More Bodies Recovered From Washington Volcano After Unrelenting Storms

SEATTLE (AP) — Park rangers returned to a glacier on Mount Rainier Saturday to search for a fourth victim of a series of winter storms, a day after recovering what they presume to be the second and third bodies.

The climbers — two parties of two — vanished during unrelenting storms on the 14,410-foot volcano in mid-January. The summer snowmelt last month revealed one of the bodies not far from the climbing route on the Muir snowfield — that of Mark Vucich, 37.

But there had been no sign of the others until Thursday, when a helicopter crew ferrying supplies to Camp Muir spotted a woman's body hanging over the edge of a large crevasse, buried in about 5 feet of snow, near the 8,200-foot level, Mount Rainier National Park spokesman Kevin Bacher said.

Climbing rangers arrived Friday to find a snow-buried campsite, with supplies belonging to several different people strewn about the bottom of the crevasse, he said. Aided by a helicopter, they recovered the woman's body Friday afternoon and discovered a sleeping bag in the snow that led them to a male victim.

Officials were awaiting a medical examiner's determination to confirm that they were two of the missing climbers from January. In addition to Vucich, of Agoura Hills, Calif., the missing were his friend Michelle Trojanowski, 30, of Atlanta; Sork "Eric" Yang, 52, of Springfield, Ore.; and Seol Hee Jin, 52, of South Korea.

They were last seen by a climber who reported that all four were heading up the mountain as he descended it with the storms approaching. Yang and Jin were in the lead, followed by Vucich and Trojanowski, on a separate rope but following the same track.

"We have suspected that as things turned ugly up there they might have joined forces, and now we're certain that was the case," Bacher said.

The campsite is about one-quarter mile east of, and over a ridge from, the standard climbing route, which is likely why visitors to the mountain had not seen the woman's body earlier, Bacher said.

Though climbing gear from both groups appears to have been found together at the campsite, Vucich's body was found some distance away, and it wasn't clear if the fourth body would be in the immediate vicinity.

About a dozen climbing rangers spent Friday night at Camp Muir, at the 10,000-foot level, and were out early Saturday to carefully probe and dig in a grid pattern for signs of the last victim, Bacher said.

"It's always a positive thing to find someone after so long," Bacher said. "To come across a second body yesterday, they were pretty upbeat, and they were anxious to get back out there today."


Johnson can be reached at

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

TV's Most Popular School

If the name of the school on “Glee” rings a bell, it might be because William McKinley High was also the setting for two of TV’s other finest portraits of teen angst: “Freaks and Geeks” and “The Wonder Years.” So, why is the 25th president of the United States such a popular namesake?

"We chose it because it was the only president's name which was legally clearable,” Judd Apatow, the executive producer of “Freaks and Geeks,” explained in an email to HuffPost TV. “We didn't realize it was used on ‘The Wonder Years.’ I assume they used it for the same reason."

Who knew? In order to help you keep the three McKinleys straight, we’ve created a handy cheat sheet.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

$83,000 Bill For A Scorpion Bite!?

PHOENIX -- An Arizona woman is wondering what hurt more: getting stung by a scorpion or seeing her hospital bill after treatment.

Marcie Edmonds says the bill from Chandler Regional Medical Center was more than $ 83,000. That includes two doses of anti-venom at nearly $ 40,000 per dose.

The 52-year-old Ahwatukee (ah-wha-TU'-kee) Foothills resident was stung in June while opening a box of air conditioner filters in her garage.

Edmonds says an emergency room doctor told her about the Mexican anti-venom Anascorp that could quickly relieve her symptoms, but she was never told about the cost.

Chandler Regional says Edmonds' bill represents the out-of-network costs for her treatment.


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Monday, September 3, 2012

WATCH: Deer Falls Into Swimming Pool

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A wandering deer found himself in hot water after stepping on a pool cover and making a big splash in the backyard of a Colorado home.

Homeowner Scott Smith says he found the buck in his ground-level pool Sunday morning trying to wrestle his way out of the pool cover. Smith says he had no idea when the deer wandered onto the patio in the backyard of his Colorado Springs home.

KOAA-TV reports that firefighters built a ramp to help the animal out. Photos show the buck was coaxed out of the pool with rope to guide his way up the ramp.

The deer ran off as soon as he got out of the water, some four hours after he was discovered in the pool.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Larry Schwimmer: When the World Went Haywire: Top 13 Mercury Retrograde News Stories!

In the third and final article in this series, we discuss the aftermath of the Mercury Retrograde period (July 14 to Aug. 8). Let's review some of the unusual events that occurred during the 3 Weeks When The World Goes Haywire courtesy of the cosmic "trickster," known as Mercury Retrograde. If only the cautionary advice in this column was heeded!

To understand the effects of Mercury Retrograde you must first understand Mercury's influence on you. Mercury rules your intelligence, mind, memory, as well as all types of information and communication ranging from talking to texting. In a more public sense, it rules commerce, computers, telephones, transportation, and air travel.

As we discussed: When Mercury goes RETROGRADE three to four times a year, communications of all types go awry or "haywire!" During the past three weeks, under its planetary influence, you are likely to have experienced misunderstandings, miscommunications, misinformation, and human errors like you've never seen!

At work: negotiations breakdown, projects fail, clients change their mind, and people "go back on their word." Things are not what they seem. People say thoughtless or embarrassing things.

You experience frequent cancellations, long delays in air and car travel. It's a time when you can expect major computer glitches and inconvenient mechanical breakdowns. It's a time when you lose things. Fortunately, if you lost them when Mercury was "direct" you might actually find them during the "retrograde" period.

The problem is that during the time that Mercury is in retrograde, people's mental faculties "go on vacation."

Let's review the TOP 13 Retrograde news stories of the past three weeks. They are not meant to be funny. While funny and crazy things occur during this time period, there are often mistakes made under Mercury Retrograde that bring misfortune and even death. The Retrograde period should be taken very seriously!

  1. French president's 'Mr. Normal' image hit by "tweetgate!" -- AP, Paris reports -- A "tweet" communication exposed a feud involving the French President Fran├žois Hollande, his live-in girlfriend, his former partner, and his eldest son. It may have tarnished the new leader's carefully cultivated image as "Mr. Normal."

  1. Dick Cheney: Picking Sarah Palin for VP Was 'A Mistake' -- In his first interview since receiving a heart transplant in March, Cheney told ABC News that John McCain's decision to pick Palin as his running mate in 2008 was "a mistake."

  2. Cop's alleged threat against Michelle Obama being investigated by Secret Service -- reports, A Washington, D.C. police officer has been removed from his unit and placed on administrative duty over remarks he allegedly made about first lady Michelle Obama. According to the Secret Service, the officer, who worked as a motorcycle escort for White House officials, "allegedly said he would shoot the first lady and then used his phone to retrieve a picture of the firearm he said he would use," according to The Washington Post.

  3. United Passengers Revolt After Being Stranded for 3 Days in China -- United Airlines Flight 87 from Shanghai, China, to New Jersey should have taken just 13 hours instead of three days. The flight was canceled twice because of maintenance on the Boeing 777, and a third delay came because the flight crew had been on duty too long.

  4. Cop Shoots Man Dead... At "Wrong Address" - A story in The Huffington Post confirms that Police in Florida fatally shot an innocent man over the weekend after they mistook him for an attempted murder suspect.

  5. Man bit needle in Delta Airlines sandwich -- One of the airline passengers who bit into a sandwich containing a one-inch needle earlier this week has now been put on antiretroviral drugs used for the treatment of HIV. The passenger has stated that the FBI is investigating the incidents aboard four Delta Air Lines flights as a criminal case.

  6. Man Finds Prized Austin Healey On eBay -- 42 Years After Being Stolen From His Home -- NBC News reports a prized sports car, stolen 42 years ago, was found by the rightful owner after he spotted it on eBay. According to authorities, it had been stolen in 1970.

  1. Stolen Matisse recovered after 10 Years -- A $ 3 million missing Matisse painting, that had been stolen nearly 10 years ago and swapped for a fake at a Venezuelan museum, has reportedly been recovered by FBI agents. The agents were posing as art collectors at the Loews Hotel in Miami Beach Tuesday.

  2. Marlins' Baseball Team Owners conned Miami, lined their pockets and held a fire sale! -- Jeff Passan, sportswriter for Yahoo! Sports, reports: "Here is how the con worked. The Florida Marlins owners whined, and they brayed, and they swore up and down that they couldn't afford the new stadium necessary to raise their payroll from embarrassing levels and compete annually." Subsequently, that got the taxpayers to pay for the stadium while taking most of the ballpark's revenue streams for themselves. After spending $ 100 million to assemble a "dream team (removed comma)" they proceeded to shed $ 32.75 of that payroll commitment; thereby "disassembling" the "dream team" they had previously committed to in order to get their new stadium.

  3. Knight Capital Loses $ 440 Million Trading Loss From Trading Glitch -- Knight Capital Group, a major brokerage, said it lost $ 440 million in a trading glitch that rattled the stock market and renewed concerns over computerized trading on Wall Street. Knight pinned the technological malfunction on newly installed software that sent "numerous erroneous orders" into the stock market on Wednesday.

  4. Police lose keys to Wembley Stadium -- Police guarding Wembley Stadium, where Olympic football matches are being played, revealed Monday that they have lost a set of keys to the venue. Officers searching the stadium in London, ahead of the start of the Olympic Games, misplaced the keys prompting an investigation by Scotland Yard, but organizers insisted that security has not been compromised.

  5. Utah man's confessional obituary owns up to life of pranks -- Appearing in The Salt Lake Tribune, Val Patterson's obituary notes: "Now that I have gone to my reward, I have confessions and things I should now say. I never earned an advanced engineering degree from the University of Utah" (that gained him entrance to his chosen professional career). "What happened was that the day I went to pay off my college student loan at the U of U, the girl working there put my receipt into the wrong stack, and two weeks later, a PhD diploma came in the mail. I didn't even graduate, I only had aboutthree years of college credit. In fact, I never did even learn what the letters 'PhD' even stood for."

  6. Couple to remarry almost 50 years after divorce -- Never doubt the power of second chances. A couple, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis of West Seneca, N.Y., who divorced in 1964, are remarrying almost 50 years later. According to a story in the Buffalo News, the two married as teenagers in Chattanooga, Tenn., and divorced 20 years later. When Davis' second wife died, he popped the question to his ex-wife over the phone. Davis asked, "Will you marry me again?" She answered, "Well, well, yes." The 85-year-olds tied the knot for a second time on Aug. 4.

BEWARE: Ironically enough, the next Mercury Retrograde occurs on Nov. 6, 2012 -- the Presidential Election Day! Stay tuned to this column: This will be one Presidential Election you'll never forget!

To visit Larry Schwimmer's website, go here.

For more by Larry Schwimmer, click here.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

WATCH: Lying 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Client Gets Prison

We all have our suspicions that reality TV is actually quite fake. Yet fake or not, lying for the purpose of appearing on a reality shows can have decidedly real-world consequences.

That's the case of Michael Prozer, a one-time star on Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker" who pleaded guilty in federal court this April to bank fraud charges.

On Thursday, Prozer was sentenced to eight years and six months in federal prison, reports Tampa Bay Online, for seven federal crimes, including conspiracy and wire, bank and mail fraud.

Prior to appearing on the show, Prozer convinced Fedor Salinas, a Wachovia Bank employee, to falsify documents and provide them to another (now-defunct) bank in Georgia for the purpose of securing a $ 3 million loan. Forbes reports Salinas earned $ 25,000 from Prozer for his work (and got caught -- he pleaded guilty in April), while Prozer pocketed the $ 3 million.

Prozer proceeded to use documentation of the bank loan to persuade an investor to loan him even more money, thereby putting on a fake appearance of extreme wealth, and, eventually, an appearance on "Millionaire Matchmaker."

In his "Millionaire Matchmaker" segment, the 38-year-old father of two claimed to be worth around $ 400 million, which he said he earned as the CEO of Xchange Agent Inc., a online payment service in South America and Europe. Prozer flew his TV date to his mansion in Florida in his private jet, for some quality time golfing, cooking dinner and cavorting on jet skis.

ABC News reports the date "was a hot mess," but that after Prozer appeared on "Millionaire Matchmaker," he could present the TV segment as yet more proof of his wealth, and swindle others into giving him yet more money in investments.

According to KMAS, Prozer initially maintained his innocence, but eventually took "responsibility for what had happened." After he serves his sentence, Prozer will be deported to Ecuador.

WATCH Prozer's date on "Millionaire Matchmaker" below [via Bravo]:

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

PHOTO: This Is What A Month's Worth Of Coke Looks Like

year supply coke

One lucky Reddit user's life changed recently when won a year's worth of Coca-Cola through a MyCokeRewards online sweepstakes.

Member iPerp snapped a picture of the first month's worth, which recently arrived in the mail. Apologies if you were expecting stacks upon stacks of Coke cans -- perhaps that's not so feasible to send in the mail.

year supply coca cola

Instead, the user received a bunch of vouchers, each good for any 20 or 24oz "sparkling" coke product under $ 1.79 in retail value. In the comments, iPerp explained that he was "addicted" to the online contest.

Color us impressed.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Antarctic UFO Controversy Snowballs At Research Station

If it was simply a weather balloon that appeared over an Antarctic research station, then why hasn't anyone confirmed it?

A video has come out of the cold, showing an image of a possible UFO above the Neumayer-Station III research facility in Antarctica on August 10, according to

The circular object appears to hover over the station which conducts scientific research into geophysics, meteorology and atmospheric chemistry.

And, as one might expect, they use weather balloons to study the atmosphere over the South Pole.

Check out this video that uses enhancement techniques to clarify the UFO.

One aspect of this image that UFO commenters are pointing to is how the object is seen in just a few frames of the footage.

But Ben Radford, writing in Live Science, suggests that's not unusual when video is sped up. "That's what happens in time-lapse photography: objects that are not stationary for long periods of time only appear in a few frames. ... There's nothing mysterious about it."

Despite the plausibility of that argument, some -- like "UFO expert" Russell Tetrault, disagree and have their own theories about the Neumayer UFO, pictured closeup, below.


"I have examined the evidence and have concluded that this is a craft and that it is most likely of extraterrestrial origins," Tetrault is quoted by

"There are some real dogs out there that have been calling this a balloon, but it is misinformation put forth by the government intended to squash this before the public wakes up to the fact that we are and have been getting visits from another race," said Tetrault, whom refers to as "highly respected in the UFO community."

Even if an official explanation is forthcoming about this South Pole UFO, it still won't satisfy everyone, especially those who prefer to believe that all unidentified or mysterious aerial objects probably originate from another planet or, even closer -- another dimension.

Here are some other explanations for UFOs.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Wanted: Upper East Side Dog Walker

(Discarded draft of e-mail)

Mackenzie --

Now that Republican ticket confirmed, time to bring other matters of the uptown house to order, esp. the dogs.

Noted, Mom likes to walk the girls, but Park Ave. community assn.'s recent growing displeasure with her new-found "Parisian" style of canine management is jamming my inbox with vellum letters of complaint.

Healthy to keep up appearances, and summer intern has it under control now, but if continues will likely need agency help come September re: return correspondence, and will cost a hell of a lot more than free.

Attached please review "resume" of dog walker, found by said intern on website I've not used. Too long so did not read but looks like might have the right idea (boathouse, Princeton, etc.).

Will you read and cross-reference TigerNet because doubtful anyone who did bicker is dog walker, probably ate at Terrace?


Rand, III

Sent from my BlackBerry®

View Attachment

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

3-D Sonogram Statues: Embryo Art Or Fetally Flawed?

Three dimensional ultrasound photos are becoming increasingly common, but a Japanese engineering company is using the technology to create statues from sonograms that some might consider embryo art.

The service, which is in collaboration with Hiroo Ladies clinic, began on July 30 and uses a technology called BioTexture that does 3D processing of the ultrasound image and then forms a model with a 3D printer.

The end result is a lifesize plastic model of an unborn child that Mom or Dad can hold before their unborn bun makes it out of the oven.

Fasotec spokesman Tomohiro Kinoshita said three women have taken advantage of the chance to own what amounts to a lucite-covered fetus snow globe.

"They said it felt great to see how their babies looked before birth, and to be able to actually hold the inside of their own body," he told DigInfo.TV. "They also enjoyed looking at the model after giving birth, thinking, 'This is how my baby looked inside me,' and recalling how it felt to be pregnant."

The fake fetus is marketed under the name “Tensi no Katachi,” or “Shape of an Angel,” and each one costs around $ 1,300, not counting the actual imaging, reports. Parents can opt for just a particular body part such as an ear or foot as well.

But while the company flack said the customers have been satisfied, pregnant women who viewed the video thought the concept was fetally flawed.

Jennifer Romensas, 29, from San Diego, said she'd never get one of the unborn child statues for a variety of reasons.

"It looks like a glob of Play-Doh," she told The Huffington Post. "Plus, I'm hesitant about 3D sonograms. My doctors told me not to do it because there's not enough research on them."

An expectant mother in Detroit who asked not to be identified because she hasn't announced her condition "and my mother-in-law would kill me" has a more aesthetic reaction.

"That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen," said the mother, who is expecting twins in March. "You couldn't pay me to own one -- and I've had a trillion ultrasounds because I'm high risk anyway."

Lizzy Bellsmith, 34, of Hammond, Ind., finds the concept "creepy," but concedes other women like it.

"I imagine some women would be like, 'Here, hold my uterus,' said Bellsmith, who is due to give birth in September.

However, she predicts unforeseen consequences for parents who buy one.

"A couple of friends of mine have lost kids after birth. They'd hate to come home and see this on the mantel," she said. "Also, can you imagine a 4-year-old seeing this in the closet? He'll think it's a pickled fetus."

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Naked 'Survivor' Contest Runs Wild In South Carolina (WARNING: Graphic Photos)

The 21st season of "Survivor," the TV series debuts Sept. 19 and throughout the show's history, producers have tried every possible variation to keep the game fresh.

But a nudist resort in Chesnee, S.C., is doing the game in a way that will never pass muster with CBS censors: A completely naked version.

For the last three years, the Carolina Foothills Nudist Resort has been holding a two-day contest called "Survivor -- Nudist Style," where participants not only outwit, outplay and outlast each other, but they out-naked each other as well.

This year's competitition attracted people from all over the country to compete in challenges such as balancing red balls on square pieces of wood and completing a puzzle underwater as well as water volleyball and beanbag tossing.

To the naked eye, this might seem strange, but the first "Survivor" winner, Richard Hatch, is an avid nudist who walked around in his birthday suit on the show. In addition, other castaways have doffed their drawers for various reasons, mostly strategic.

Unlike the TV show, the winner of the nude Survivor contest didn't win $ 1 million, just a two-foot tiki trophy, which, luckily, is big enough to cover the privates if the person decides to stay naked when they leave the resort.


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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mysterious Bones Found Under Main Street

Bones found recently under Rochester's Main Street may confirm the existence of an Indian burial ground in the area.

Or, they could be animal remains from long ago. 

City leaders will likely find out more this week about the bones discovered last weekend by Main Street Makeover workers. The bones were found near the corner of Third and Main streets, said Rochester City Manager Jaymes Vettraino

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TRAGEDY: Pregnant Amish Woman Killed By Lightning On Due Date

GARRETT, Pa. -- A pregnant Amish woman picking berries in the woods near her Pennsylvania home was killed by lightning on her due date. The fetus also died.

State police say 36-year-old Mary H. Yoder was with her husband and two children late Tuesday morning when a storm moved in. Yoder took shelter under a pine tree while her husband and the children ducked under a different tree.

Police say lightning struck a few minutes later, killing Yoder and her fetus. Trooper Steven Limani tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that Tuesday was the due date.

Police are investigating.

Garrett is about 75 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

'I've Lost 100 lb. By Having Sex'

One woman is making the most of a rekindled romance -- her sex life is helping her to lose weight, and a lot of it.

As reported in an interview with UK magazine Closer, Guinness World Records' Heaviest Woman in the World, Pauline Potter, has lost almost 100 pounds through marathon sex sessions with her ex-husband.

Last year, Potter, who lives in Los Angeles, was given the title after she got in touch with Guinness World Records in a bid to draw attention to her risky weight and to shame herself into dieting. But it seems to have brought forth another benefit -- as she told Closer, her ex-husband started visiting after her saw her Guiness entry, and their sex life has helped her shed a "stone" (14 pounds) a month.

“I can’t move much in bed, but I burn 500 calories a session – it’s great exercise just jiggling around,” she revealed to the publication. The couple reportedly has sex two to seven times a day.

Potter certainly isn't the first person to use the bed as a piece of exercise equipment -- certain sexual positions are known to exert more effort than others, and of course, there are always exercises to help make sex even better.

In an interview last year with The Sun in the UK, Potter noted, "My goal is to lose 200lb (14st 4lb) plus and have weight-loss surgery so I can be mobile again and not rely on anyone for help."

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