Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bank Courier Van Loses Bags Of Cash On Pa. Highway (VIDEO)

UPPER ST. CLAIR, Pa. -- A bank courier van has spilled more than $ 100,000 in cash along a Pennsylvania highway, and motorists have stopped to grab it.

Police say much of the money was blown around by the wind. Lt. James Englert says "well into six figures" in cash is missing after the money grab in Upper St. Clair, just southwest of Pittsburgh.

Police are investigating why the door of the Fidelity Courier Service van opened. But they say the fact the door opened doesn't mean the money was free. They say taking it is theft.

Anyone who took money has a two-week grace period to return it without fear of prosecution.

The courier company is offering a reward for the return of the money.

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Nubian Culture & Lost Civilization

The Sun Temple at Abu Simbel is a popular tourist attraction which has featured in well-known films like Death on the Nile and The Mummy Returns but had it been left where Ramses II built it 33 centuries ago, it would now be under water , When I dream, I never dream in my village now. All my dreams are in our old Nubian one

Group seeks class status for potential lawsuit - Mohave Valley News

Group seeks class status for potential lawsuit
Mohave Valley News
explores the phenomenon of chemtrails. The film proposes that chemtrails are part of a geo-engineering program that uses jet planes to spray a solution into the atmosphere. The solution is said to contain barium, aluminum strontium and other elements, ...

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HuffPost Divorce's 11 Most Talked-About Research Findings Of 2011

Though celebrity divorces tend to steal the spotlight -- we have Ashton Kutcher, J.Lo, and Kim Kardashian to thank for that -- divorce research findings got their fair share of attention this year, particularly those that touched on hot-button issues like the recession, child development, and the always-popular topic of infidelity.

Click through HuffPost Divorce's 11 most talked-about research findings of 2011 and weigh in: which study surprised you most?

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