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Types of Paranormal Phenomena

Types of Paranormal Phenomena

Despite the lack of scientific evidence that proves the existence of paranormal phenomena beyond a shadow of a doubt, more than half of all Americans believe in the existence of spirits or paranormal activity. For many people, it's important to consider the possibility of life after death and to remain open to alternate realities. As the past has shown us, just because we can't explain it, doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist.

Demonic possession is one type of paranormal phenomena that has been investigated over the years. Cuneiform writings were found on ancient Sumerian tablets, praying for safety from demons. The Bible talks about "demon-possessed" people in the gospels of Luke, John, Matthew, Mark and in the Acts of the Apostles. The Catholic Church believes that individuals can become possessed in order to be tested; often following occult practices, mortal sin, loss of faith or psychological trauma.

Possession is also recognized in the medical community, especially in cases of dissociative personality disorder, where a third of the afflicted refer to themselves as demons and paranormal beings.

Paranormal happenings also include a haunting, which is a recurring activity in a set location. There is the "intelligent haunting," where thinking spirits interact and communicate with living humans. There is the "residual haunting," which seem more like a movie or recording comprised of residual energy, where there is no conscious interaction but the spirits remain. Then there is the "inhuman haunting," which is one of the most terrifying encounters because they're typically attributed to demons, the paranormal and poltergeists.

Extrasensory perception is another broad category of paranormal phenomena; this one dealing with psychic abilities, rather than otherworldly paranormal supernatural spirits. Clairvoyants can gain knowledge about people, places and events they have not previously read or heard about. An offshoot of clairvoyance includes precognition, where psychics may receive detailed information about the future.

Telepathy involves the transfer of information between people, using their minds only. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects solely through the power of the mind and a "medium" has the ability to communicate with departed spirits. Astral projection is another term for out-of-body travel, where the soul leaves the body and returns at will, without causing death.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cover Crops - Select Wisely To Ensure The Benefits

by Kecko

Cover Crops - Select Wisely To Ensure The Benefits
Cover crops are used to boost the richness of soil that decreases with regular planting of main crops. Cover crops add nitrogen back in the soil. These also prevent erosion. After being tilled in soil, these also provide food for underground worms that maintain natural aeration. Cover crops are necessary not only for the large size farms but individuals having gardens in their houses also use these crops to improve the growth of next crop. Because of the ongoing agricultural researches, many crops have been identified as cover crops. Clover, Vetch, Winter Rye and Alfalfa are equally popular among the farm owners and the small garden owners. Each of these has its own characteristics and so serves unique benefits, which cant be compared with those of others.

Clover makes necessary lawn replacement. It may germinate even in shade. It works well on compact soil and absorbs less moisture than other intermittent crops. If a vegetable garden is underway, you can over seed clover. It grows as a vegetables wane. Because of being categorized as winter covering crop, it is planted in October end - September. It comes in red and white two varieties but reports of red one are more encouraging.

Vetch is normally planted in fall. It comes up till spring. It is has vine-like fuzzy leaves and bears blue flowers. Hairy vetch has shallow roots system and is good for the excessive cold conditions. Experts recommend Vetch for sandy or drained soil. If it is left to grow late in spring, it can absorb the soil moisture.

Winter rye is a quick growing cover crop. It is a good source of getting nitrogen in shorter period. Its large root system breaks up the soil. Winter rye is a cold tolerant covering crop. It is popular because it can germinate even in poor soil.

Because of having deep going roots, Alfalfa breaks up the hard soil. Its roots can reach even 15 feet deep. It grows good till the weather is warm. Besides being a good source of nitrogen, alfalfa delivers a rich dose of protein and calcium also to the soil.

There are many other options. But the selection of cover crops entirely depends upon the particular planning of next crop, whether conditions, soil requirements and ground condition. To help you out at this front, many Governments aided or Pvt Research centers offer free guidance. Therefore, if you inexperienced in cover crops; do it under exert monitoring to ensure the benefits.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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