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What is the Truth about Alien Abductions - UFO Abductions

What is the Truth about Alien Abductions - UFO Abductions
An entire book can be devoted to the phenomenon of alien abductions that have been recorded across many countries at different times. A study conducted by Dr. John Mack and published in the Harvard University Gazette concluded that the abduction from 800 cases were made by mentally stable persons across vast segments of the population with no signs of delusion or any chronic tendency to lie and fabricate stories, much less any sign of mental illness.

His conclusion is not unique as studies conducted by other respected psychologists and psychiatrists revealed no aberrant mental health conditions in the people claiming to have been abducted by aliens.

Could they be telling the truth? And what was the motivation? Coincidence over thousands of cases? It had to be more than that.

Abductors were aliens though of varying types described ay humanoid reptiles, greys, non-distinguishable human form and energy beings.

There's no demographic concentration even as aliens prefer younger people below the age of 40 as most abduction have a reproductive focus that are considered healthier at a younger age.

There have been similar reports from children.

The abduction generally describe a sequence of events starting from being captured and forcibly taken into an alien space craft, intensive and often invasive medical and physical examination conducted by aliens, a conference with the abductors, a loss of time perceptive, return to the place where they were abducted and an aftermath consisting of a profound awareness of the universe and the supernatural coupled with some post traumatic coping with the experience from a social perspective as loved ones seldom believe their stories.

What makes the phenomenon arresting is that most alien abductees revealed fascinating details under hypnosis that would not be possible if the revelation were concocted or fabricated under a conscious state of mind.

The precise number of abductees may never be ascertained as many prefer to remain silent of their experience.

There have been about 1,700 abduction claims since it was documented in the 50s. The most famous was the Antonio Villas Boas case in 1957 and the Hill Abduction of 1961 which were the first "canonical" cases that established the template for later abduction cases that would rarely deviate from it. Since then, the phenomenon has gained widespread interest with a TV film Betty and Barney Hill Abduction in 1975.

For sure, as there are believers and people with an open mind about the phenomenon, there are skeptics who consider abductees as suffering from some temporary psychological disturbance like schizophrenia, parasomnia or epileptic seizure.

Others attribute the commonality of abducted cases with previous similar abductions from devils and demons common throughout history when spaceships never figured in the pop culture consciousness of their times. The central abduction elements are there with just the abductor personality changed. Abductions seem to see no end in sight prompting government agencies to start looking for intelligent life in the universe with giant antennas.

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The Great Deception

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Types of Paranormal Phenomena

Types of Paranormal Phenomena

Despite the lack of scientific evidence that proves the existence of paranormal phenomena beyond a shadow of a doubt, more than half of all Americans believe in the existence of spirits or paranormal activity. For many people, it's important to consider the possibility of life after death and to remain open to alternate realities. As the past has shown us, just because we can't explain it, doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist.

Demonic possession is one type of paranormal phenomena that has been investigated over the years. Cuneiform writings were found on ancient Sumerian tablets, praying for safety from demons. The Bible talks about "demon-possessed" people in the gospels of Luke, John, Matthew, Mark and in the Acts of the Apostles. The Catholic Church believes that individuals can become possessed in order to be tested; often following occult practices, mortal sin, loss of faith or psychological trauma.

Possession is also recognized in the medical community, especially in cases of dissociative personality disorder, where a third of the afflicted refer to themselves as demons and paranormal beings.

Paranormal happenings also include a haunting, which is a recurring activity in a set location. There is the "intelligent haunting," where thinking spirits interact and communicate with living humans. There is the "residual haunting," which seem more like a movie or recording comprised of residual energy, where there is no conscious interaction but the spirits remain. Then there is the "inhuman haunting," which is one of the most terrifying encounters because they're typically attributed to demons, the paranormal and poltergeists.

Extrasensory perception is another broad category of paranormal phenomena; this one dealing with psychic abilities, rather than otherworldly paranormal supernatural spirits. Clairvoyants can gain knowledge about people, places and events they have not previously read or heard about. An offshoot of clairvoyance includes precognition, where psychics may receive detailed information about the future.

Telepathy involves the transfer of information between people, using their minds only. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects solely through the power of the mind and a "medium" has the ability to communicate with departed spirits. Astral projection is another term for out-of-body travel, where the soul leaves the body and returns at will, without causing death.

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