Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let us know the basics of Astrology

Let us know the basics of Astrology

Article by Premium Astrology

Let us know the basics of Astrology - Relationships - Domestic Violence

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Astrology: A group of traditions and beliefs, which hold the relative positions of celestial bodies and related details which provide information about personality, human affairs, and other planetary positions. One, who practices astrology, is called an astrologer.

Astrologers believe that the movements and positions of celestial bodies correspond to experienced events on a human scale either, or directly influence life on Earth. Modern astrologers define astrology as a representational language and a form of either artistic expression or a form of divination. Despite all the differences, a common statement of all the astrologers is that heavenly placements can interpret past and present events along with the prediction of future. Most of the scientists consider astrology a fallacy or superstitious notion.

Besides giving knowledge about individual's basic nature, it also provides guidance concerning the approaching opportunities and the challenges. Moreover, it directs you towards suitable time to take any decision involving time-period, business, marriage, etc.

It is very vast and interesting as well. Many of us, strongly believe in the facts given the astrological details and some of us strongly deny. Astrological reports give the general as well as deep predictions about human behavior or event up to a degree greater than a chance. The real astrologers always give good advice to their customers, whether it is regarding their common issues such as health, marriage, business, studies or future planning etc.

The calculations related to zodiacs deeply involve the date and year of birth that is why the horoscope is a very personal study, which should be accurately known otherwise a wrong information or forecast simply misguides the person.

You will find a lot more than eighty limbs associated with astrology, which include a number of, the actual below mentioned areas:

Human-centered astrology: Give individual points associated with the actual character as well as forecasts for that much better long term preparing.

Personal Relationships: Consists of the data or even assist regarding associations for example selecting a wife, enthusiast, mother and father, kids, employer, loved ones, brothers and sisters, partner, and so on.

Professional Aspects: Pertains to profession, occupation as well as much better assistance for top professional opportunities.

Regular Aspects: Associated with the planet or even we are able to state it's worried about the actual useful information on a day to day existence that involves nation problems as well as occasions associated with politics actions, conflicts, worldwide modifications and so on.

Weather Forecasting: The technology, which handles the actual conjecture associated with environment and it is a phenomena as well as particular along with climate as well as climate predicting

Pecuniary Aspects: It is exclusively associated with economic conditions.

Betting or Sports activities: It foretells to assist within getting correct choice regarding international games to achieve advantage.

Healthcare Predictions: It applies this diet programs with regard to healthcare health and fitness and some individuals consider curiosity about this to acquire a conjecture regarding their own wellness recuperation from the specific illness.

Astrology also helps in predicting the positions of Solar and Lunar eclipse and this totally depends upon the movements of celestial bodies that make a Solar System.

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Premium Astrology, it is true that stars do affect an individual's fate and those who master the science of astrology can give realistic predictions. For more information please visit

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Premium Astrology, it is true that stars do affect an individual's fate and those who master the science of astrology can give realistic predictions. For more information please visit

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author's information and copyright must be included.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dinosaur Farts May Have Warmed Prehistoric Earth

By Jennifer Welsh, LiveScience Staff Writer

We might want to rename the Brachiosaurus with the moniker Gassiosaurus, new research indicates. The gassy emissions from these giant dinosaurs may have been enough to warm the Earth, the researchers say.

Sauropods are large plant-eating dinosaurs typified by such titans as Apatosaurus (once known as Brontosaurus) and Brachiosaurus. When they lived, during the Mesozoic era — from about 250 million years ago until the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago — the climate was warm and wet. Nothing on Earth today compares with these giants.

The researchers found that the greenhouse gas methane produced by all sauropods across the globe would have been about 520 million tons per year, a number on par with the total amount of methane currently produced by both natural and man-made sources. [Album: World's Biggest Beasts]

Questionable numbers

The researchers, led by David Wilkinson of Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom, did their best to get an accurate estimate of how much gas these big dinosaurs would have created, but their answers are still just estimates based on multiple assumptions, they warn.

The greenhouse gas methane is a natural byproduct of the digestive process of plant eaters, especially in herbivores called ruminants (like cows and camels). The researchers suspect that like ruminants, sauropods would have harbored methane-producing bacteria in their intestines to help digest these fibrous foods

There is currently no way to tell what kind of bacteria lived in the digestive systems of dinosaurs, what gasses they produced, or what those digestive systems would have looked like, but Wilkinson thinks they would have produced methane like today's animals.

"To process that amount of vegetation they have to be relying on microbes in their digestive system," Wilkinson told LiveScience. "But without a time machine you can't be sure."

Crunching gassy number

They used a mathematical model to determine how much gas these plant-eating giants would have eaten. They extended data on methane production by modern mammals, based on size, up into the reaches of the sauropods.

In their calculations the researchers used middle-of-the-road numbers: 10 sauropods, each weighing 20,000 pounds (9,071 kilograms), could have roamed 1 square kilometer of lush Mesozoic habitats. "We've taken a middle-ground value," Wilkinson said. "We tried to be reasonably conservative.

They found that these 10 sauropods would have contributed 7.6 tons (6.9 tonnes) of methane every year. Expanding this number to cover the amount of land estimated to be hospitable habitat for these animals (about half the land on Earth at the time), the researchers end up with more than 550 million tons (500 million tonnes) of methane produced every year.

"I was expecting a number like that produced by cows, so the size of the number really surprised me," Wilkinson said. "It's way, way, way ahead of the estimated methane production by modern livestock." (Cows produce 55 to 110 million tons (50 to 100 million tonnes) of methane each year, he estimated.)

Big eaters

It makes sense, based on the animal's huge size, that they would make much more methane per individual than a cow. But, there are several other reasons why these large dinosaurs could have produced so much more gas than modern herbivores.
The animals would have had plenty of plants to eat, because they could reach high and low, and because of the warm climate, there was plenty of vegetation; in addition, these animals had much vaster areas in which to graze.

The real question is, did these dinosaur's gassy emissions warm the planet?

"The thing about methane is it is an extremely potent greenhouse gas," Wilkinson said. If the levels were anywhere near where their calculations indicate, he said, it very well could have been one of many factors that made that era warmer and wetter than modern times.

The study is detailed in today's (May 7) issue of the journal Current Biology.

You can follow LiveScience staff writer Jennifer Welsh on Twitter, on Google+ or on Facebook.