Friday, October 5, 2012

Q&A: Is there such thing as aliens?

Question by Cheyene: Is there such thing as aliens?
Is so, give me proof, other then stupid "UFO sightings" actual, hard not to believe proof.

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Ancient VVisdom - Lost Civilization

Lost Civilization off A Godlike Inferno

Hey Cyberpeeps! Welcome to the newest series that me and my friend Adarkthecoder have decided to create for you! .:-Modifications-:. Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders: .:-Links-:. AdarkTheCoder's Channel: Catch me on... Twitter: Facebook:
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Q&A: What exactly are "chemtrails" ?? Because I saw it yesterday!?

Question by Donnie Anderson: What exactly are "chemtrails" ?? Because I saw it yesterday!?
I've heard of something called the chemtrail phenomenon thats some how associated with the UFO phenomenon. Anyways, I never got to read up exactly what they are but planes flying in the sky leaving a trail of something behind it and no I'm not talking about jets. Jets have a trail but its small and goes away fast so its fairly short behind the jet flying. The chemtrail thing is the planes fly and leave it behind and it stretches all the way across the sky in a straight line. Anyways, can anyone explain further? and what does it have to do with UFOs?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

VERY Bad Cop: Sergeant Gets In Trouble Over Racy Photos

She was not in uniform when she committed the offense.

Stacey Suro, 42, has been relieved of her duty as a sergeant with the Houston Police Department after officials discovered an assortment of risque photos Suro had allegedly posted online, KPRC reports.

Suro had over 100 photos of herself on her Model Mayhem page, some featuring her in revealing outfits and others showing her nude. Some of the photographs involved fetish and bondage content, according to the network's website.

Until the investigation is complete, the department cannot say whether or not Suro will be fired.

Click here to investigate the photos yourself.

Suro is not the first woman whose sex appeal has caused her grief at work.

In July, ex-porn star Harmony Rose came under fire for her previous career when she began training as an EMT.

The month before, former FBI administrative specialist Erika Bonilla filed a lawsuit against the agency, saying she was discriminated, in part, because "several co-workers were jealous of her appearance."

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POLL: Do you believe in the "Chupacabra"?

Question by A Misfit Chick 4ever!!!: POLL: Do you believe in the "Chupacabra"?
if you dont know what it is or anything about it heres a lil info..

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