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Can anyone put my mind at ease? Psychology?

Question by c'etaitvous: Can anyone put my mind at ease? Psychology?

I think that there is something wrong with my head.
About 3 months ago, my boyfriend and I got on the topic of "haunted items". He is not a believer in the things and I, growing up in a home full of ghost stories and Christian beliefs in demons and spirits, am. Well, I pulled out of Christianity in my early teens, seeking education instead of a set religion. But the whole idea of "possession" and "demons" still scared me to death and I became fascinated with everything that "scared me to death". Movies like "The Exorcist" and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" were just MOVIES to me and I never even thought of them and when I watched them, I had the normal "OMG THAT'S SO SCARY" reaction.
Well, back on point, I decided that I was going to buy a haunted doll to prove to my boyfriend that it was all real. Well, shortly after doing the search on Ebay, I decided not to and ended up finding other "haunted" items. Well, a Ouija board popped up. And i thought "HEY, I'm going to buy a Ouija board and PROVE it that it's real!" Well, that evening, I convinced my roommate (who was terrified of the idea and tried to talk me out of it) to come with me to buy one and play with it with me. When we bought it, we came home and played and the board ended up spelling things that were unintelligible(i.e c4g7 etc etc), so we said Goodbye and put it away. Well, we played about 3 more times before I started feeling weird... like something was telling me to KEEP playing. Even though each and every time we played the board always said it wanted to talk to my roommate and nothing happened. It barely even said anything. But I always had the same reaction.. this rapid heartbeat, sweating, and fear and lightheadedness. Well, one night after playing earlier in the day, I started looking up "scary Ouija board stories" online. And there was this one that talked about these kids who played and ended up being attacked by a demon. I was so enveloped in the story that anytime anyone tried to talk to me, I would snap at them and try to get by myself so that I could read it with perfect concentration. Well, about mid-way through, I went outside to have a cigarette, taking my IPhone with me so I could continue to read, and all of a sudden a strange feeling started to creep up in me. Like this uncontrollable fear and this pounding heartbeat and a feeling of being uncomfortable within my own body and I couldn't stop shaking. I ran back into my house and went to find my roommate, who after she saw me, thought I was losing my mind. I ended up having a panic attack that lasted well into the next day, even after trying some deep breathing and trying to sleep. I told her the next day that I "needed to see a priest or a psychologist NOW". So she took me to a psychologist. After explaining everything to him, he just laughed at me, diagnosed me with severe anxiety disorder with paranoia and adult OCD and prescribed me Klonopin. The Klonopin helped, but made me feel like a completely different person and made me want to drink a lot of alcohol. Plus, after reading the long term effects of the drug and the withdrawal symptoms, I decided to stop taking it. Then, one day about a week later, my roommate and I were on the porch discussing the fact that I had went back to normal and then I proceeded to want to take a nap. Well, the second I laid down, I heard a voice in my head say "We are going to eat you from the inside out". I FLIPPED MY ***. I immediately called this Christian evangelist lady who proceeded to tell me I was under "demonic attack" and that I needed to repent and give my life back to God and to be delivered from it. So I agreed. My anxiety began to get better shortly after but not completely.

My full list of symptoms include: Terror, strange vision from time to time, nightmares that occur around 3 am, fear of sleeping before 3 am, tingling in the hands and feet, tingling sensation in the temples and my head feeling "full", racing heart, trembling, fear of anything related to the supernatural including movies, songs commercials, etc, moodiness and irritability, fear or demons and possession or becoming possessed, strange thoughts of it happening and fear of the IDEA of being better and not being better.

It's been 3 months and I'm still dealing with all of this. I just want to know WHAT'S exactly wrong and to get help and try to progress to being better. I do not want medication so, any ideas that don't require it would be wonderful.
Thank you so much, you have no idea how thankful I am.

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Is there some good evidence AGAINST the UFO "contactees?"?

Question by Joe Blow: Is there some good evidence AGAINST the UFO "contactees?"?
Like Billy Meier? And Adamski? I'm sure someone has investigated and come up with some kind of findings.

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Fire In The Sky Alien Abduction Scene

Travis Walton getting abducted by a craft from the classic 1993 movie Fire In The Sky.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

POLL: twilight fans answer these questions?

Question by Livvy R: POLL: twilight fans answer these questions?
1. favorite book out of the four?-twilight,new moon, eclipse, or breaking dawn
2. favorite cullen(s) and why?
3. favorite scene(s) in twilight movie?
4. best actor or actress in the movie
5. team jacob, team edward or are you team switzerland
6. how many times have you seen the movie
7. favorite part in twilight book
8. favorite part in new moon book
9. favorite part in eclipse book
10. favorite part in breaking dawn book

1. Eclipse-becuz of all the conflict
2. Alice and Emmett-Alice cuz shes so perky and happy and Emmett cuz lets face it he is HILLARIOUS
3. the scene were edward and bella are walking toward the school and bellas like "you know everybodys staring" then edward is like "not that guy. oh he just looked" omg and then so funny "im breaking all the rules now anyway" *puts arm around bella* "since im going to hell" lol me and my friend were laughing so hard at the scene.
and my second fave scene was where edwards coming to meet charlie as bellas boyfriend. omg love this scene
bellas like "he wanted to me you officaly. hes right outside" and charlies like "alright" does the gun thing and bella jumps "bring him in"
lol omg that scene was too funny.
omg and the scene were the cullens are all coming into the caffiteria and its like JESSICA: "The blond girl, thats Rosalie and the the big dark haired guy Emmett, they're like a thing, I'm not even sure thats legal."
ANGELA: "Jess they're not actually related."
JESSICA: "Yeah but they live together, it's weird. And, the little dark haired girl, thats Alice, she's really weird and she's with Jasper, the blond one who looks like he's in pain. " OMG the look on jaspers face was priceless
and then edward comes in and bella asks jess who he is and jess is like "thats edward cullen but aparently nobody here is good enough for him" OMG his smile is sooo hilarious/dazziling.
4. Ashley Greene- she was perfect. excactly how i imagined alice to be.
5. when im reading the books usually im team edward but then jake will be nice and suddenly i become team switzerland but then he screws it up and i go back to team edward:)
6. 4 times. first time was with my friend. then a bunch of us went. then i went with my sisters, and then i dragged my boyfriend along(he fell asleep 20 mins into the movie and woke up when he heard the girls screaming lol

7. twilight-the part were bella is sitting on edwards lap and her stomach growled so edward said "breakfast time" and bellas hands flew up to her throat and edward got this horified look and bella started cracking up and said "and u said i couldn't act" and edward said that wasn't funny" so bella said "it was very funny and u know it" so edward said "may i rephrase. i meant breakfast for the human" and bellas like "oh ok"
8. new moon-the part were bella see's the black marcedes and its alice-at that part i was like oh yeah the cullens are BACK!! wooo lol
9. eclipse-the part were charlie gave bella the sex talk and the part were bella punches Jacob and Edward gets all protective and starts threatening Jacob
10. breaking dawn-the conversation with leah, jacob and seth
when leah is like mom dropped him a lot when he was a baby
and then jacob said on his head apparently
and leah's like he used to gnaw on the crib bars, too.
Jacob-lead paint?
leah-Looks like it
and then seth-Funny, why dont you two shut up and sleep. omg lol i love that part.
and jakes dumb blonde jokes to rosalie and then rose gave him his food in a bowl that said fido
and the part where bella finds out jakeup inprinted on renesmee and he called her "nessie" and she screamed "you nicknamed my daughter after the loch ness monster and then she attacted him.
and the part were edward and bella are hugging and she made him say "ow" and she got all proud and the part were jasper and alice return because them two are my fave
lol that was a lot i know...but what are ur answers

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Gary Numan "The Hauntings"

Cool Instrumental from The Machine & Soul Single 1992.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Sallie House Investigation with guests Tony and Debra Pickman, Psychic Dan Hernandez, Mike Piccerelli, Joe Cetrone, Denice Jones and Diane Gonzales.

Chemtrails vs Contrails A short video showing that Chemtrails and contrails are not the same thing. This spraying program of the atmosphere is occurring world wide, and our governments refuse to tell us what this is for... What has been found in chemtrails varies with all sorts of toxic metals such as Barium found. What is this for? population culling, weather modification, biological warfare, weakening immune systems, etc. or could it be a combination of things depending what they are doing in the specific day...why are governments quiet about this, is there are larger more powerful group behind this? Will the mainstream media cover this subject properly? Do your own research make your own minds up.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Are elephants immune to toxic lakes???

Question by cheer chick: Are elephants immune to toxic lakes???
Im trying to find out if "Nessie" is real but some people say it could just be a elephant but the loch ness monster live in toxic water so I want to know if elephants are immune to toxic lakes?

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visit: the music video "Chemtrails" featuring: Florence Whitengale The CIApe Freeman Leighbro the 12 Volt Assassin White Mouse
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Coast to Coast Am - Nov 21 2010 part 1.wmv

Oswald & JFK Assassination Date: 11-21-10 Host: George Knapp Guests: Ed Haslam, Peter Gleick, Judyth Vary Baker, John Barbour JFK assassination expert Ed Haslam recounted the story of Judyth Vary Baker, a once promising science student and cancer researcher, who became involved with Lee Harvey Oswald over the summer of 1963 in New Orleans. Baker had been recruited to work with Dr. Mary Sherman on developing a cancer cure, but instead found herself helping to create a cancer bioweapon that would reportedly be used to assassinate Fidel Castro. "They gave Judy a take care of her," and that was the role of Lee Harvey Oswald, he was her handler in New Orleans and that is how they met, Haslam explained. The bioweapon project involved David Ferrie (later implicated in the JFK assassination by Jim Garrison), and Baker said she got to know him as well, while in New Orleans. Appearing for a segment at the top of the third hour, Judyth Vary Baker described her love affair with Oswald, and characterized him as a hero and patriot who was set up to be a patsy for JFK's murder, and subsequently unjustly demonized. By July 1963, "Lee Oswald thought he was going to die because of his attempts to do what he could to penetrate a ring he believed was forming for this, first in New Orleans..and then in Texas. He was aware of what he was getting into and did it anyway," she said. Oswald went along with the plans in Texas because he was afraid the perpetrators were going to kill ...
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Vince Vaughn Welcomes A Daughter -

Vince Vaughn Welcomes A Daughter
Locklyn, here's the thing: you actually kind of lucked out because instead of your friends comparing your name to the infamous Loch Ness Monster, ...

and more »

loch ness monster - Google News

Nessie and Jacob, Beautiful BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS

***Disclaimer:*** I do NOT make any money on this.. Copyright is to the rightful owners, and this was all for fun, and not to make any money or profit at all.. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Song: Beautiful Artist: Trading Yesterday Footage: Don't Say A Word, Enough, Roswell, The Covenant Program Used: Sony Vegas 8.0 Maker: Christine Pairing(s): Renesmee/Jacob Renesmee characters: Tessa Allen (Enough) as youngest Renesmee Skye McCole Bartusiak (Don't Say A Word) as young Renesmee Shiri Appleby (Roswell) as teenage Renesmee Btw... I spent alot of time trying to find the right Renesmee's... Thank you's: To everyone who commented on the preview, and Im really sorry if I didnt meet up to whatever you were expecting:P and most of all to hauntedhogwarts85... Im begging you.. Please don't loose your inspiration:P LoL.. Ok, I know you won't though, because you make absolute amazing videos..:) Summary: No real summary.. Just based on the relationship between Renesmee and Jacob in Breaking Dawn (and of course a few moments in between).. I wanted t try and capture how Jacob really loved her.. how she's everything for him, and how he always thinks she's beautiful... and btw.. Im sorry for the sucky manipulations..

UFO hunters claim alien incidents are 'US airmen covering up blunders' -

UFO hunters claim alien incidents are 'US airmen covering up blunders'
UFO hunters claim that Britain's most famous aliens incident may have been caused by US airmen trying to cover up a major operational blunder. ...

and more »

UFO - Google News

chemtrails , a song by beck

google: chemtrails

Slow moving Pennsylvania UFO under 600 feet -

Slow moving Pennsylvania UFO under 600 feet
Pennsylvania is a current UFO ALERT 5 rating, with a lower number of UFO sightings nationally. Pennsylvania is on the UFO Watch List - with 13 UFO sighting ...
North Dakota witness reports UFO under 500

all 2 news articles »

UFO - Google News

Ladytron - Ghosts

visit Nettwerk
Video Rating: 4 / 5

am i haunted?? according to this i think i am?

Question by Dayna: am i haunted?? according to this i think i am?
okay so my mother is a witch (this is katrina by the way her daughter :) and she left one day and my friend hanna and i were playing with this pendulum thing which you hold above your palm or indicated mat thing. SO, i have been feeling very watched and i have schizophrenia. and it only kicks in when a ghost is around (just another gift i inherited from my mom). so i asked it "pendulum.. is there a spirit fallowing me?" it sung the yes way. then i asked "pendulum.. is the spirit and good spirit?" it sung the no sign. "pendulum.." i asked.."is this spirit a demon?" it sung a huge YES and i got scared and i asked it if the demon could see me and it said yes if it could hear me it said yes........ THEN i asked if the demon was powerful enough to hurt me it sung maybe. SO i cannot talk to my mom about this one ill get grounded two ill get smudged with insense. and three she wont do anything!
okay and i dont have like exact skitophrania you know have you ever seen ghost whisper how that guy cant see ghost but he can hear them? i can hear spirits my doctor even says i dont have skits like the legit skits

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Can it be true?????

Question by Awesome Bill: Can it be true?????
That all Pittsburgh area Walmarts are refusing returns on brooms tonight?

And be a sport by not whining about calls. The conspiracy theorists have a radio call-in show for that called "Coast To Coast AM" every night.

Real hockey question: Why did the Bruins and Sabres both have smaller than regulation sized rinks (when all other teams were 85' x 200') before moving into their current arenas? I don't know this, so anyone who does know will really be a help.

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Loch Ness Monster on Google Earth?

Loch Ness Monster on Google Earth?

Q&A: What are some major motifs or themes in Henry Ibsen's play "Ghosts"?

Question by Valerie A: What are some major motifs or themes in Henry Ibsen's play "Ghosts"?
I'm reading it for my AP Lit class and i'm having trouble figuring out a major motif. Help if you can, please.

Thank you!

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Q&A: What are some major motifs or themes in Henry Ibsen's play "Ghosts"?

Question by Valerie A: What are some major motifs or themes in Henry Ibsen's play "Ghosts"?
I'm reading it for my AP Lit class and i'm having trouble figuring out a major motif. Help if you can, please.

Thank you!

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Chupacabra Caught on Tape - 08/12/08

While checking fence line in rural Dewitt County, Texas, Sheriff's Deputies caught an animal alive on camera they believe may be the legendary Chupacabra.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The blood sucking creature dubbed El Chupacabra has struck again! According to tradition El Chupacabra, a vampire like creature, first appeared in Puerto Rico in the 1970s, but the Animal X - Natural Mystery Unit has found new information suggesting the first sighting may have been as early as the mid 1950s in mainland USA. Now the nasty critter has made its way through Mexico to the driest place on Earth; the Atacama Desert in Chile and this time the creature's victims include humans. Is El Chupacabra or the "Goat Sucker" as it's also known, the same creature depicted as Gargoyles on centuries old churches in Europe, or is it really a mutant creature known to NASA, as many people believe. The Animal X - Natural Mystery Unit goes in search of El Chupacabra's real identity and meets victims, witnesses and scientists who describe a creature 3 - 5 feet tall with a dark gray hairy body, glowing red eyes, sharp protruding teeth and three-fingered claw-like hands. Daniel and Natalie travel to Chile to investigate local reports of El Chupacabra attacks in Antofagasta and Calama, where the creature is said to have left a trail of dead animal drained of every drop of blood. One woman claims she was attacked outside her home and has the wounds to prove it. Are Natalie and Daniel about to solve one of cryptozoology's greatest puzzles?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Graham Hancock, BBC - Atlantis Reborn Again (3) (HIDDEN HISTORY, LOST CIVILIZATIONS SERIES)

Thisseries has been uploaded following a request and information recieved that it was not easily available. If you are aware of a title on any subject which is not generally available, or can't be found on YouTube - Please contact us and we'll see if we can locate and then upload it. TheYouArchive
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Thisseries has been uploaded following a request and information received that it was not easily available. If you are aware of a title on any subject which is not generally available, or can't be found on YouTube - Please contact us and we'll see if we can locate and then upload it. TheYouIndex

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Opinion: Paranoia Runs Deep Within the Nevada Republican Party - Carson Now

Opinion: Paranoia Runs Deep Within the Nevada Republican Party
Carson Now
More modernly, the John Birch Society has promulgated the belief in “chemtrails", the delusional and paranoid- schizophrenic position that air and water ...

chemtrails - Google News

Evp-Electronic Voice Phenomena

Slebst aufgenomme EVP´s

Pretty scary, and it's NOT fake! Everything starts at 03:26. If you look very careful at 03:42 you'll see a face. After that nothing happens. To answer some questions: Why was I recording statics? Because I was really into this kind of stuff 2 years ago. The original clip is actually 2 hours, and I wasn't in the room in front of the TV when this happened, I first saw it when I watched parts of the 2 hours long clip. How did I record this? With a camera in front of the TV, simple. Why didn't I shortened the video out even more? The reason to why I didn't edited the video to a shorter version is because I might have missed something, not because I'm trying to waste your time or make it more "scary". And at last: some people don't seem to understand, this is NOT a fake! I'm not saying there's something supernatural about it, it could be (like many are saying) the TV picking up random signals, but it looks kinda cool however, so i decided to upload it here. It's not a fake, neither is it ghosts.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Hey Christians is anyone in heaven or hell now???

Question by GodisLove09: Hey Christians is anyone in heaven or hell now???
Jesus said that he was going to prepare a place for us and that when he returned again,he would bring believers with him and damn the rest to hell. So where are the souls until he comes again. We Catholics know this as purgatory, I think that the souls are on earth, but can't usually contact the living. I think this explains "hauntings" What do you think??? Peace.

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Bigfoot / Nessie 08 : Change You Can BELIEVE In!


Ghosts. Spirits. & Demons 2 (More than meets the eye)

do you see it

The Kids Aren't Alright - Unexplained Phenomena

Cover of an Offspring song.

The legend of the black dog of the hanging hills
Video Rating: 2 / 5

ghost spirits and demons

WARNING do not show to young children
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Can the dead REALLY speak to us? Watch and see? More info visit or contact
Video Rating: 0 / 5

Q&A: Who saw the UFO ("Phoenix lights") in 1997?

Question by rebecca2008: Who saw the UFO ("Phoenix lights") in 1997?
The former governor admits he saw it and that he believes it was nothing from this planet.
He says that he didn't want to say this back in 1997 because he didn't want people to panic!!

Here is the vido of his CNN interview:

For those of you who saw the UFO, could you please describe what you saw?

Thank you in advance.

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What do you think of those "Messin' with Sasquatch" beef jerky commercials?

Question by kwb1965: What do you think of those "Messin' with Sasquatch" beef jerky commercials?

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rendlesham Forest UFO mystery still leaves questions - BBC News

Ghost Theory

Rendlesham Forest UFO mystery still leaves questions
BBC News
Thirty years after claims that UFOs had been spotted in Rendlesham Forest, experts and enthusiasts still can't agree on what happened. ...
Rendlesham UFO: Military “Oops”Ghost Theory
Rendlesham: UFO mystery 'was a US cover-up'East Anglian Daily Times

all 3 news articles »

UFO - Google News

Baby Loch Ness Monster sighted from Diving Bell Cam in Sibley, Iowa.

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, evidently had some babies. One was spotted in the Sibley, Iowa USA Sand Pit Pond and captured by my Home made Diving Bell Cam. Hope you enjoy this Parody on one of the worlds greatest mysteries. Thanks for watching and stay tuned to see how fish can be caught using my NightFlyyer Diving Bell Cams Remote Fishing Arm (Patent Pending). Best regards. Dave Herbert

This is a POV of Loch Ness Monster - A Rollercoaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. This video is used here with permission from Jeff Tiedemann
Video Rating: 4 / 5

1 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails)

1 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails) Playlist Grid
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Good comebacks to mexican jokes?

Question by G-Dog: Good comebacks to mexican jokes?
I'm half mexican and white, so I cant really say any white jokes without being hypocritical. Any suggestions?
sometimes people say stuff like
"go hop a fence"
"Whats the difference between a mexican and a sofa? a sofa can support a family of 4" etc.
I would also like a comeback to this kid who always says to me "Run! It's la chupacabra!"
Anything at all would be appreciated.

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Did anyone else watch Dateline`s " UFO "special tonight?

Question by elnet55: Did anyone else watch Dateline`s " UFO "special tonight?
It was pretty lame stuff. nothing that we havent seen before.but i wonder if it wasnt a precurser to "bigger things" . a kind of weaning process for the masses for the big upcoming " Live Special Report".
leonard s ...please,please let that statement be sarcarm

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coast to coast am: Gerald Celente

gerald celente giving his predictions

Aluminum in our skies? - Record-Searchlight (blog)

Aluminum in our skies?
Record-Searchlight (blog)
I first heard of chemical trails or chemtrails in 2005. At first I was confused. A friend sent me an e-mail that suggested that airplanes were deliberately ...

chemtrails - Google News

Ghost EVP from Ghost Punchers

the Electronic Voice Phenomena in this clip is real after that ...not so much
Video Rating: 4 / 5

"astrology " people. Do you sometimes feel that you are?

Question by Isabelle: "astrology " people. Do you sometimes feel that you are?
better/ superior/ more enlightened or whatever than other people?

(will not say about me......waiting to see the answers..if any)

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"sasquatch" or "things i want"?

Question by Zach: "sasquatch" or "things i want"?

things i want
lol at both songs, they're hilarious. i love tenacious d
hmmmm i guess im the only one :(. or it could be the anti-bealtes question right above mine lol!!!

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All 12 Astrology Songs Samples

All 12 Astrology Songs samples aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces

Learn about astrology in this self-paced, online course developed by UniversalClass.

Secret UFO Propulsion Systems - Boyd Bushman - Senior Research Scientist - Lockheed Martin

"We now know how to travel to the stars. The Air Force has just given us a contract to take ET back home." - Ben Rich, former Head of Lockheed Skunkworks. As a Senior Research Engineer Boyd Bushman worked for Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments and Hughes Aircraft. He is regarded as one of the inventors of the Stinger missile and he speaks on Camera about Area 51 and advanced propulsion systems being tested there. As a Senior Research Scientist at Lockheed Martin - Boyd Bushman reveals that Defense Contractor - Lockheed Martin has researched antigravity technology, specifically gravity manipulation by means of magnetic fields, and he shows that he experimented at Lockheed Martin's Fort Worth, Texas facilities, proving that magnetic fields affect the gravitational field and because of that, bodies don't fall with the same acceleration, a result different from the classical experiments made by Galileo with no magnetic fields present. Topics Included in this presentation: Area 51 and Black Budget Research Programs Advanced Antigravity Propulsion Systems Experiments in Gravity and Magnetism We now know how to travel to the stars. Nuclear Powered Aircraft Nuclear Powered Flying Saucers The Binomial Expansion There are 8 major forces in nature, 3 of which have not been cataloged. Will we survive Global Warming? Traveling faster than the Velocity of Light. The Neutrino Universe Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

What do you think? Filmed in Adelaide, South Australia December 7th 2010 UFO Web Links: http

Stacey M. Holloway, Indianapolis - Indianapolis Star

Stacey M. Holloway, Indianapolis
Indianapolis Star
Her latest installation, "Crop Circle," included a life-sized "zonkey," a half zebra, half donkey, covered with suede, which visitors were encouraged to pet ...

crop circles - Google News

Lochness monster real?

Question by Amber Marie: Lochness monster real?
What do you think about "nessie"?
do you believe it's real? :0

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Can anyone give me detailed information on the dog disease Mange?

Question by Andrea Adum: Can anyone give me detailed information on the dog disease Mange?
I was reading the "chupacabra" is back (LOL). Some people say is just some dog with "mange" but I have no idea what mange is, I mean, I know it has to be a condition, some kind of disease but I'd like to know exactly what does it do to dogs? Thanx ? Andrea

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Letters: More stadium plans? Oh, goody - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

Letters: More stadium plans? Oh, goody
Los Angeles Times
... the three beautiful stadium renderings on Thursday's sports page may as well been pictures of a unicorn, the Loch Ness Monster, and Atlantis; ...

and more »

loch ness monster - Google News

Q&A: European Monsters?

Question by naer_91: European Monsters?
¿Does anybody know what is the most popular mythologic creature or monster in each european country? I know that in England "Nessie" is very popular, and the vampires are famous in Romania, but i need know about monsters of all Europe.

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Q&A: Can "Astrology" predict the future?

Question by ? ???????: Can "Astrology" predict the future?
if your an astrologer who knows how to do this - can you prove it?

When will my friend be out of prison? The month & year is all I need.
(Serious answers only please)

His Birthday: April 4th 1980
Time: Midnight
Loc: Podgorica Montenegro
Add: Hes currently experiencing his Saturn return.

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what radio station is this in Port Orange, Fl?

Question by mi juevos es muy mucho loco: what radio station is this in Port Orange, Fl?
"coast to coast am"

I do know that in Arizona it was 550AM

any one help

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